The Club

The Jakarta Soaring Club (JSC) is a group of gliders pilot, athletes, instructors and student pilots who fly sailplane at Pondok Cabe Airport, Jakarta - Indonesia. The club is non-profit orgnization and dedicatde to the development of glider sport education and developments.

We are highly diverse group of men and women from all walks of life and our club is open to local or foreigners visiting our country.

JSC operates three tow planes, motor gliders and several club-owned glider planes. We have our own hangar with comfortable clubhouse facilities including furnished guest room for visiting glider pilots.

Although under certain conditions a non-regular flying day can be arranged, but the club normal operations is every Sunday (weather permitting), you can check with us for the operations regarding wx conditions and aircraft scheduling. See our club profile for more detail in the Links & Articles.

6° 20' 13S
106° 45' 53E

 Club Location


Our Glider port is located at Pondok Cabe Airfield , South of Jakarta. We are about 1/2 hour drive from famous shopping mall Pondok Indah or TB Simatupang toll road. Although Pondok Cabe Airfield is well known in Jakarta and easy to find, it is important to note that there are several hangar at the airfield, Portela/Terbang Layang (or JSC, which is us), PT.Pelita Air Service, Indonesian Air Police (Polisi Udara), ARMY (Penerbad). JSC hangar is located near the end of Runway 36. When you come from north along Pondok Cabe Raya road heading to Pamulang, you will be driving on the left side of the runway. Please drive with caution after you see this sign in your left hand side.

Our club entrance is about 100 meters right side from road sign. PT Pelita Air is a bit further. Remember that our club entrance is not the PT Pelita Air main gate.

 Club Overview

Jakarta Soaring Club or locally named as PORTELA JAYA is an non profit sport organization under the Indonesia National Sport Committe (KONI) Jakarta. The club was established in October 26th, 1967 at Budiarto Airfiled, Curug, Tangerang. Since 1972 the homebase is moved to Pelita Airfiled, Pondok Cabe. During this period of time JSC has made many contributions in the development of aerosport in Indonesia, and mark many flying records.