Jair Trejo

Welcome to my personal page. Here you will find links to my work in different areas, specially programming and engineering, and some information about myself. Please feel free to browse around.

Curriculum Vitae:

 Javier Jair Trejo García

Mechatronics Engineering studen from Mexico city

Email: Jairtrejo@gmail.com

IM: jaitrega@hotmail.com


  • Professional Education (summer 2005 to (expected) summer 2010): Studying the seventh semester of Mechatronics Engineering at the UPIITA (Profesional Interdisciplinary Unit of Engineering and Advanced Technologies) of the National Polythecnic Institute, with GPA 8.6 out of 10.
  • High School (From Summer 2003 to Summer 2005): at the CECyT (Center for Scientific and Technological Studies) #9, "Juan de Dios Bátiz Paredes", of the National Poliyhecnic Institute. Technical Degree on Programming.

Interesting Projects: 

  • Ongoing:
    • Development of a 3D Vision System for teaching trajectories to the Mitsubishi RV - M1 Robot.
    • Garden Activity for the XO-Laptop.
    • Software for Fuzzy Controller Tuning through Genetic Algorithms in Haskell.
    • Implementation of the Hilbert-Huang Technique for Signal Processing.
  • Completed:
    • Beam Calculator: A Gnome program to calculate shear force and bending moment in beams.
    • Object Classifier: A conveyor belt that takes an object and classifies it according to a predefined criterion, based on its size, shape, metalicity and magneticity. Uses artificial vision, sensors, communication with the PC, control and digital logic.

Human Languages:

  • Spanish (native language).
  • English (fluent in both speaking and writting) .
  • Japanese (currently studying, intermediate level) .

 Technical Knowledge:

  • Languages: Python, C, Java, VB.NET, Ruby, SQL, Matlab, UML.
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux.
  • Main Interests: Artificial Vision, Software Development, Classical control, Fuzzy Control, Genetic Algorithms. 

Awards and Acknowlegements:

  • Member of the Academic Excellence Program of the IPN (National Polythecnic Institute) due to outstanding school grades.