OPENGL Cube [OpengGL+C++]

This is final homework assignment for my OPENGL course.

It is a spinning 3D cube in space. I have debug information as well objects around the cube as visual reference points. You can fly anywhere in space. 

I used one third party class file to simplify the loading of bitmaps (I will have to replace this code with my own when I get a chance).
I also used the author's tutorials found at to lean OPENGL.

You also need a GLUT Library. I used Nate's for my project. 

Note that you have to add the following to the object link in "project-> settings" in order to compile it properly;
"OpenGL32.lib GLu32.lib GLaux.lib"

I attached the binary and source for assignment 4 (in the .7z container) instead since the binary of assignment 5 has some test code in it and it behaves oddly.

The Visual Studio project is in a .7z container because Google doesn't like binaries and they can check through RAR and ZIP. You can get 7z @ Naturally, run a virus scan to make sure its safe since most antivirus software cannot read into a 7z container. 

Quick Instructions
The escape key exits the application.
The r key resets the cube.
The + key zooms in.
The - key zooms out.
The f key moves the camera forward.
The b key moves the camera backwards.
The w key makes the camera the look up.
The s key makes the camera the look down.
The a key makes the camera look left.
The d key makes the camera look right.
The [ key makes the camera roll left.
The ] key makes the camera roll right.
The l key activates the lights.
The h key displays help.
The left mouse click relocates the camera to [0,5,5].
The right mouse changes the rotation states.
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Apr 1, 2009, 7:26 PM
Jaime Yu,
Apr 4, 2009, 4:54 PM