The Art of Jay T Lyons

A prison hulk Jay sketched for an upcoming Regency cover, Retribution.

Byzantine weave chainmaille necklace
Who is Jay T Lyons, you ask? Simply put, he is my brother. More than that, he is my best friend and a talented artist. Some of his art is featured here and while he loves to draw, his primary medium is jewelry. That's right, jewelry.

Jay's preferred materials are pearls, Swarovski crystal, gemstones, and semi-precious stones. His latest pieces feature copper wire, jumprings, and clasps in various chainmaille weaves. 

For more info, click the picture below to go to his Etsy shop, or visit his blog or facebook fan page. Each link will open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings.

Humanoid Male 
Acrylic on canvas 
12 April 2010

"Dragon Whiskers"
Inspired by my novel
The Dragon Curse