I am Jaimey Grant, Regency Romance Author. I have been studying the Regency time period for nearly ten years. In 2008, I published four romances set in Regency England. My fifth novel, Deception, was released with TreasureLine Publishing on July 15, 2010. 

Released on August 13 was UNLOCKED, a YA anthology in which two of my short stories appear. Assassin's Keeper is Regency fiction and Survival is fantasy. It is available for free download at www.unlockedproject.com.

My Regencies are similar to the more traditional, non-graphic Regencies from years ago. However, mine tend to run a little darker, contain a little more controversy, a little more drama...I hope. "Drama" is in the mind of the reader, so to speak.

WARNING: This site is always under construction. I will be updating as time allows. I am always editing, proofing, and writing more books, so time is limited.

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