Archos Intro:

The Archos is basically an I-pod Touch on steroids. Given the fact that it can multi-task, use flash when surfing the web, and run on the Android OS, it beats any other MP3/Tablet easily. This is why I decided to invest on this excellent device.


Not only is this internet tablet capable of playing music and surfing the web, but it also has very useful applications that can apply into robotics. One application I find very important is RemoteDroid. RemoteDroid interfaces archos to the computer allowing users to control the computer from anywhere in the world using a wi-fi connection to interface. In order to interface you have to input the ip address of the computer you want to control. Afterwards, you are free to move the mouse and use the keyboard. Only set back is that you cannot see the screen. I will try to implement that somehow.

What I've Done:

I was successful in interfacing the Archos to my computer. Doing so I was able to control Robo-Guard (laser pointer mounted on pan/tilt servos) simply by using the Archos. First I was able to control it using w,a,s,d keys. Afterwards I decided to take it a step forward by moving the servos according to the direction I moved my finger on the Archos.

 When I first tried this I was using mouse gestures to type out the w,a,s,d keys depending on the direction I moved the mouse using the Archos. This method was effective as it did out the keys. The problem, however, was when trying to use the mouse gestures with Roborealm, it would not detect any key input. I spent several hour cracking my head trying to find out why it would not work and I eventually decided that it was probably due to the fact that Roborealm was programmed for a manual input instead of a digital input.

My second method was creating this picture:

I programmed it so that any time the mouse went past x and y value, the servos would move accordingly. This solution is much more efficient than the first because when the mouse is in the center it will not move but every time you move it out the box it will. The program in visual basic is in the following link: Source Code


Archos-Computer Interface


I've actually found a better program which actually allows you to control the computer and see the screen. This is way better as I will be able to see the laser through the webcam. I will be posting the video soon, but here are picture of how it works:

If any of this was useful or you have any comments please leave some feedback.


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