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Technical Papers, Articles

Innovation Solution to Problem: 

Presented a paper on problem of immersing large Ganesha Idols (up to 30 feet) in a lake during the Ganesha festival at Techfest 07’, the largest technical festival in Asia organized by IIT Bombay. The paper was awarded the best amongst hundreds of participants and passed on for implementation to BMC (The Municipal Corporation of Mumbai). 

GE Edison Challenge: 

The GE Edison Challenge was to design a portable device to generate 20 Watts for an hour, from energy wasted in an average Indian home in the form of heat, light and vibrations. My paper targeted on using the heat wasted from the stove to heat a fluid as ammonia having a large volumetric expansion coefficient to deform the electroactive polymers (Artificial Muscles) to generate the required power.


Prayaas is a competition hosted by Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and requires finding innovative and sustainable energy solutions. My abstract for the same has been approved and the paper will be presented in January 2009 and looks at supplementing the grid by decentralized generation of Electricity using Biogas as a fuel source for generators or using the fuel cell technology.

uto Drive:

Auto Drive projects aims at developing an indigenous partially automated automobile by managing gear changes, clutch, brake and accelerator. This project will culminate into a kit which can be fitted into any existing automobile to enable the driver a relatively hassle free drive, especially in traffic conditions. The project has been approved by Mahindra and Mahindra, one of the pioneers in the field of transport in India, who have attained world class standards in their vehicles. It is awaiting funds from All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). I am responsible for the conceptualization of project, its system and mechanical design.

Robot Soccer:

This project involves creating a robot to participate in Robot Soccer. The robot is navigated using the serial port after processing the image on the computer using MATLAB and is capable of ‘kicking’ the balls into the goal. I am responsible in the development of algorithm for image processing as well as its mechanical design, fabrication and its interface with ATMEGA 128.

Legged Locomotion:

I am also heading the team working on developing quadruped robots powered by dc motors based on parallelogram mechanism and Theo Jansen mechanism. I will be simulating the gaits and am also working on a Rapid prototyping machine to fabricate the parts after designing them in CATIA. 

Formula SAE®:

Formula SAE® is a student design competition organized by SAE India. The concept behind Formula SAE is to develop a small Formula-style race car. The prototype race car is evaluated for its potential as a production item. Each student team designs, builds and tests a prototype based on a series of rules. I am heading the design team that submits pre fabrication designs (March 09’) for the same.

Aerial Surveillance Vehicle:

We are designing a low cost aerial surveillance robot to for a competition held by DRDO (defense research development organization, India). We will be fitting the device in a 60 mm mortar shell to ensure rapid surveillance and easy deployment.

Risk Management:

This project is in the areas of financial management and involves studying exposure of multi-national manufacturing giant of L&T (Larsen and Toubro) to fluctuating commodity prices and forex reserves. It involves studying balance sheets and counter measures taken by the company to use this fluctuation to their benefit.


This project was actually an exhibition during Technovanza 08’, the technical festival of VJTI, it showcased automation for the first time on campus of Mumbai University College and attracted over 6,000 visitors. The exhibition was a vision of a fully autonomous Mumbai Sea Port and had an autonomous dock and gantry crane working in perfect tandem to unload and load 50 containers of a ship. I was the team leader and handled all construction and autonomous system’s design part.

Interlinking of Rivers:

The project on interlinking rivers in India to provide a solution from recurring floods and droughts is being considered by the government since a decade. We investigated a specific and crucial aspect of the project the Ken-Betwa link and our finding for these were reported to the general audience during our technical festival.

Red Shift:

This project was aimed at promoting conservation and creating awareness about global warming. In VJTI during the Technovanza 08’ and visitors were educated on the same; our effort was lauded by leading newspapers of over four different languages.