Conditions of Office


I've scanned (since I can't find it online) a favorite article

Conditions of Office (PDF: 1.4mb) [1]

The article explores

  • the Hawthorne Effect - why changing physical conditions has no effect
  • Hygiene Factors - how conditions in an environment can reduce productivity but not raise it
  • and the benefits/drawbacks of open-plan cubicles vs individual offices

[1] I read the article in the mid 80s when my employer was redesigning its office space (I probably found the mag in the office of the VP responsible for the new offices).  I liked it enough that I photocopied it and stuck it in my paper files.

The footer identifies the magazine as DJ ("Design Journal" I think), May 1986

The author is "Sheena Wilson" (the article has a pretty layout but this causes poor usability; they buried the author's name in the subtitle/tagline)

My online research suggests this should be credited to the British "Design Journal", not to be confused with an American periodical of the same title that came into being in the last ~8 years. Possibly the old British one is defunct, or just obscured by the presence of the new one. Only a visit to a good research library would tell.

I did find this source cited by the author, and a related article by same author.