Greetings In The Name Of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I

Jah Youth Productions is a network base Rastafari music company that is located in Hilo,Hawaii. Our vision is to produce artists that offer a message in there music combined with powerful vibes & righteous sounds .With the most high grace we get to collaborate with many different producers worldwide which in turn elevates our music to a higher level of consciousness . While keeping the passion of reggae music alive within the Hawaiian Islands, Jah youth productions works with a collection of reggae artists from all parts of the world Including Hawaii, Jamaica, Africa,V.I, Sweden and many more. These exciting and talented performers have established a huge following for themselves in their homeland and throughout the world. 
Reggae music has continually grown to become one of the most popular and 
Conscious markets in the entertainment business. JahYouth
has established itself worldwide, producing a string of successful releases and working with some of the most respected names in the business. Every artists have each seen success, having touched every corner of the globe spreading there musical message. Email : 

Bob Marley Quotes

“Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned – well, everywhere there’s war. And until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race – it’s a war. And until there’s no longer first-class or second-class citizens of any nation… Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes – it’s a war. Until that day the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, and a rule of international morality will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained"  - Haile Selassie I


"We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of a new race, overcoming petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community."

Haile Selsssie I

New Music Release 2016

Robbie Rule Ep "This Is A Warning"

Oddiowave Records & Jah Youth Productions will be releasing a new EP "This is a Warning"  from the very talented Reggae artist @Robbie Rule within the month of March.Robbie is young and aspiring artist from st. ann Jamaica , He started to dj from when he was attending fern court high school .After leaving school he started to fall in love with this reggae music so he decided that this is the path that he would choose .Though he is still learning much about music and life he has a steadying fan base in his community through out Jamaica. Look for this new Ep "This is a Warning" out on Zojak World Wide Digital Music stores. 

Making "a positive impact" in 2016, Jah Youth Productions & Kin Riddimz is set to release brand new musical works Entitled "Westend Sun Riddim" one of the finest and most surprising compilation with a handful of very talented vocalists. Which will certainly find a place for itself within the collection of reggae lovers worldwide. This new riddim coming forward after their first collaboration together on the "Ras Riddim" in 2015 that 

brought forth array of soulful tunes from serious RastafarI reggae musicians across the globe. Look out for the "Westend Sun Riddim" soon to be released in music stores worldwide. 

Preview & Listen to "Westend Sun Riddim"  mix on SoundCloud now click on the link  :


                                   Buy Now Download Link :

1. Subajah - Open The Gates

2. Dada Yute - Rototom City

3. Fikir Amlak & Chaddy Royal - Stay Royal

4. Naptali - Same One 

5. Derajah - Kings Of Kings 

6. Jahmmi Youth - Souljah of Jah

7. Iya Ingi - Never Fea

8. Jah Defender - Thank You Jah

9. Rob Symeonn - Promises 

10. The Inites - Million

11. I-Triniti & Lion Heart - Prophecy

Rob Symeonn "Indigenous In Dub"
Goldheart Music is proud to announce ”Indigenous In Dub”. The original album by Rob Symeonn turned some heads and was for example no.5 on Achisreggae top albums of 2014; ”.- "Since Rob picked rootsy rydims this dub-project was eeeeeasy.” - Jonahgold

Official Song-list:
1. Dub Upright 
2. Dub Is Greener 
3. Never Too Late For Dub 
4. Ithiopian Dub 
5. Dub By Dub 
6. Dub Work 
7. It's All Because Of Dub 
8. Seems Like Dub 
9. Dub Them 
10. Mama's Dub 
11. Dub On The Town 
12. Dub Is Precious 
All dubs by Jonahgold for Goldheart Music 2016.  www.goldheartmusic.

Mixed Culture Ft. alimoña - Piraña

November - Brand New EP: Humble Servant Band "Greatest Gift"

2015 Press Release - : Jah Youth Productions proudly presents "GREATEST GIFT", the debut offering from Los Angeles based THE HUMBLE SERVANT BAND. A Roots unit that truly lives up to their name. These multi talented messengers deliver five tracks that brim with originality, versatility and true sense of purpose...spreading the works of His Imperial Majesty HAILE SELASSIE I and keeping the integrity of King's Music intact with manners and respect. JAH YOUTH has the undeniable v...ision to work with truly committed and conscious artistes; this is no exception.

The Humble Servant Band is a Los Angeles based band that's been rising from strength to strength since 2011. The Southern California massive are well aware of their enlightening live power and "GREATEST GIFT" allows their Zion sound to elevate to the international arena. They intertwine dynamically with a variety of musical styles embedded in a brilliant Roots platform. The title track is graced by Bianca" B The Lioness" Loreto's heartical vocals and "Zeb" Steve Guerra 's blazing guitar licks. "Cold World" is anthemwise with keen observation and showcases Renzo Garrido's taut drums and Matthew "Mattchbox" Treadway's crucial bubbling. "One Way" is organic masterclass with Zionesque lyrics to riddim . "More Than A Friend" shows the versatility of this band in a heavy duty way. Lover's Rock presented in unique and intoxicating manners. "Strengthen" is a prime example of how different music styles blend so nice.

JAH YOUTH(Jeffrey Bohler ) is a Hawaii based producer whose at the top of the mountain. His career has linked him with Daweh Congo, Menny More, Fikir Amlak, The Lambsbread, Mixed Culture and extensive works with Perfect Giddimani and Rob Symeonn. This forward reasoning Rastaman continually brings out the best in the artiste. Expect great works from him...everytime.

THE HUMBLE SERVANT BAND's "GREATEST GIFT" is a Royal offering indeed. A showcase of their broad talent all the way strong. A committed Roots band that seamlessly blends in nuances of everything from Blues to Jazz to Rock and delivers Royal Authentic Sounds.

Robert Heilman "Higherman"

Humble Servant Band
Track List

1.Greatest Gift

2.More Then a Friend

3.One Way

4. Cold World

5. Strengthen

                                                                          Copyright 2015 :One Way Records

November 6th - Mixed Culture "Movement In Dub"
Since its inception in 2006 Mixed Culture has been known for their heavy roots reggae vibe and conscience lyrics. Emerging from South Florida their songs captivated the music scene with there hypnotic sound and powerful live performances. Mixed Culture was soon noticed by the Reggae community and began gaining major recognition. They have shared the stage with top reggae acts from around the world including Cultura Profetica, Midnite, Steel Pulse, John Browns Body, Anthony B, Gondwana, Bunny Wailer, Toots and the Maytals, Inner Circle, Third World, Julian Marley, I-Wayne, Freddie McGregor, Yellow Man, Tribal Seeds, The Green, and Lutan Fyah. Mixed Culture is a steady growing conscience wave and is only getting stronger.
This albums was produced and recorded at "Hays St. Studios" by renowned reggae musician and producer Andrew Stoch of "New World Sound Productions" and mixed by Dubologist Gary Woung of "Jam Hill Studios".
1.Fire Dub
2.Time Dub
3.Tesoro Dub
4.Juicy Dub
5.ITL Dub
6.Ganja Dub
7.Rising Dub
8.Crazy Dub
9.Anhelo Dub
10.Guidance Dub
11.Tuff Dub 

Jah Youth Productions & Kin Riddimz
                  Various Artist   "RAS RIDDIM"

1.Dada Yute - Sweet Reggae Music

2.Rob Symeonn - Old Time Something

3.Fikir Amlak - Call On Jah

4.I-Triniti FT. Sky I - Jah Is Love

5.Biblical - Likkle More Love

6.I*N*Ites - Bad News

7.Irie Bear & NRG_D - Rainbow After Rain 

Ras Riddim Mix ‎‎‎(Kin Riddimz & Jah Youth Productions)‎‎‎

Brand New Album: Mixed Culture "Movement In Roots"
Jah Youth Productions & New World Sounds Presents new Album for 2015 from Mixed Culture "Movement In Roots".
Reggae music that everyone can enjoy !!! #MixedCulture #Miami  



     Mixed Culture "Movement In Roots[Copyright :New World Sounds]


   Track List

01. Fire Burn 02. Time Alone

03. Tesoro 04. Si Vas a Tirar

05. In This Life  06. Ganja feat. Perfect Giddimani

07. Rising 08. Crazy 09. Anhelo  10. Guidance

11. Tuff Road

12. Time Alone Remix (Bonus Track)

Mixed Culture - Time Alone [Movement In Roots]

Mixed Culture -Time Alone

Mixed Culture - Si Vas A Tirar  [Movement In Roots]

Mixed Culture Feat. One Chot - Last Call [Single]

Mixed Culture & Onechot - Last Call ‎[Official Video 2015]‎

World Premier Sunday 1\25/2015 for Mixed Culture New HD Music Video "Tuff Road " Newest Single from the Upcoming Album "Movement In Roots" soon to be Released . Stay tuned massive . If you want to hear there first single check out Reggaeville YouTube Channel song Featuring Perfect Giddimani entitled "Ganja" see why this Ganja Anthem was Viewed over 20,000 times Massive /
#JahYouthProductions #NewWorldSounds  #Zojak World Wide



Rob Symeonn

Whom Shall I Fear EP

DIGITAL RELEASE [Jah Youth Productions/Rumble Rock Recordz]

Release date: 5/19/2015Tracks

01. Lonely Dub feat. Ken Serious  

                                                                                   02. Rasta Not Lonely feat. Ken Serious

                                                                                   03. Whom Shall I Fear

                                                                                   04. Pray feat. Fragga Ranks

Rob Symeonn New HD Music Video "Whom Shall I Fear" Filmed on location in Maui Hawaii .This is a brand new single from Rob Symeonn that is available on all major music sites worldwide. Video Directed by : Klot War Media /Maui, Hawaii Music Credits - Rumble Rock Recordz & Jah Youth


Rob Symeonn "Whom Shall I Fear"

New Music Release 2014    


               Rob Symeonn Album "Indigenous"


Goldheart Music and Jah Youth Productions are proud to announce the triumphant new release from Rob Symeonn "Indigenous" .This is "The Spark Igniter's" third full length album and is available worldwide on February 25, 2014. This Royal offering has the perfect mix of Roots Reggae vibration, Rob's undeniably smooth delivery and Jonahgold's rich production quality."Indigenous" is truly authentic. The musical atmosphere is perfectly mixed; creating a Roots foundation that combines subtle instrumentation with infectious basslines, taut drums, pronounced key work and vivid guitar grooves. Rob Symeonn is an immensely talented singer whose commitment to spreading peace and harmony throughout the world is undeniable. This is REGGAE MUSIC. This messenger's lyrics are full of conciousness and bring upliftment and positivity to his listeners."Rob Symeonn has the sincerity that I'm attracted to. He beautifully carries the torch of real spiritual Roots Reggae Music. His songs are both comforting and empowering. I feel honored to have the opportunity to make this artist shine.
This New Album"Indigenous" is a unity production and contains material from internationally recognized producers Jonahgold(Sweden),   Victor"Ticklah"Axelrod (New York) and Jah Youth(Hawaii). Jonahgold has made an impact with monumental works with heavyweight Roots artist Daweh Congo and Sheya Mission. Ticklah is an independent producer whose been an intergral element of the NYC scene for over a decade. His old school influences are readily revealed on every track he contributes to. Hawaii's Jah Youth is a top notch producer whose mastery has resulted in great works from Daweh Congo, Perfect Giddimani and The Lambsbreads. Get ready for an instant classic for the ages.....
"Indigenous" is truly timeless; with Rob's distinct and inimitable vocal style and brilliant scatting. His delivery is reminiscent of crucial Roots singers Barry Brown, Jacob Miller and Hugh Mundell."
-Jah Youth Productions.

New Album Perfect Giddimani "Better Off Dread"
Giddimani Records and Jah Youth Productions are proud to announce Perfect Giddimani Ninth Reggae Album that is expected to be released on April 15 ,2014. The album’s name is Better Off Dread, This album will be co-produced by Jimmy Cui- Rumble Rock Recordz, House of Riddim, Weedy G Sound Force, Drew Keys- New World Sounds, and Sly & Robbie -Taxi Records & "Better Than Liquor" on the album, produced by oddiowave Records. . It is projected to take off in the reggae world’s top hits.

The latest release will contain 14 tracks, oscillating around such species as roots reggae, dancehall, rock and rap. The album opens with the title, referring to the classics of the genre single "Better Off Dread". The second order is heavily rock song "Like Marley", captivating the amazing flow of the artist. "Better Off Dread" also features distinguished guests - "Revolution Come" episode, we hear one of the leading artists of the Jamaican dancehall scene - Lutan Fyah and originating from Guyana Jahdan Blakkamoore , while the track "Hail the King" appears Brazilian singer - Dada Yute .

With such a mindset, Perfect Giddimani set out to create a brand new album that's loaded with Great Musicians , but also with inspiration: "Better off dread". 
"Better Off Dread" is in a position to stir alot of confusion on the European and Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall scene.. One Love

Menny More "A Bit Of My Soul"Ep /Oddiowave Records
Menny More was born Junior Morrison in Kingston Jamaica on November 26, 1976 to parents Francis and Millicent Morrison. Ori...ginally living in Duhaney Park, Kingston, they moved around Jamaica to Manchester, Portmore and by the time Junior was 10 years old began splitting time between New York and Jamaica.

From an early age Junior was surrounded by music, both in the church and at home, where his mother was constantly buying and playing 45s. While attending his freshman year in high school at William E Grady Technical and Vocational High School in Brighton Beach NY, Junior followed his mother’s passion for records and would go to Super Power Records every day after school. There he started to become acquainted with some of the biggest New York reggae artistes of the day; Nicodemus, Sluggy Ranks, Trevor Sparks, Louie Rankin, Sister Charmaine, Sleepy Wonder, Mikey Jarret, Rev. Baboo, Bobo General and the “Don Dada” Supercat. It was with this crew that Junior was first introduced to recording and producing reggae music.
Junior rolled with the crew from Super Power to record in some of the biggest reggae studios of the time: Don One, HC&F, Sir Tommy, Ruddy, 3R, Living Room, Toy Factory... He started to develop his own style of DJing, which was instantly recognized and encouraged. “Count Shelly” Barrett, owner of Super Power Records, was regularly voicing artists on his Shelly Records label, and Junior joined them every time he could. Junior took on the DJ name Ryder around 1990, which is when his recording career started. It was at this time that the young DJ was also introduced to singing melodies and started to play with the concepts. “I witnessed an artist named Patrick Andy singing harmony on a dubplate one day. Being fascinated, I asked him how he did it and he started to explain the theory to me. Later on I learned a lot more from Trevor Sparks, Ian Sweetness, Sugar Minott, Johnny Osbourne, Sleepy Wonder and Bobo General, just to name a few. I learned from a lot of people, in fact the greatest as far as reggae is concerned”

It was Sleepy Wonder and Bobo General that explained dubplate recording to Ryder and told him where Ruddy Studio was: East 35th and Tilden Ave in Brooklyn, NY. It instantly became his hang out and that is where he learned the craft of dubplate. He started to learn the hustle of the business; recognizing that his talents were valued and commanding top dollar for his sessions. “It was at Don One where I truly learned the art of recording, how to conduct myself as an artist and basically how the music industry works. That was hands on training and was not easy. There was all kinds of friction amongst the artists, but that was just part of the experience”. Scientist was Don One’s engineer at the time, so Ryder and most artists spending time at the studio, also learned about engineering from one of the best. Don One’s was a hub for some of the greatest reggae artists and musicians ever. “Most of them saw something special in me, and that kind of positive energy groomed me into who I am now”.

Don One and Ruddy Studios along with Biltmore Ballroom, where Ryder would perform regularly, were the most influential musical places for him in New York. After recording a number of singles and going back and forth between NY and Jamaica, Ryder also started spending time at Jammy’s Studio in Kingston. “King Jammy and John John, who is one of my favorite producers to work with, instantly noticed the talent in me and released me on several riddims of the time, and even introduced me to Steely and Clevie and the great Bobby Digital who I also eventually recorded with”. In 1994, Ryder recorded “Thunderball” on the Stalag riddim with Jammy’s and then the name Menny More was bestowed on him.

“The name Menny More was given to me by the artist called Baby Wayne who sang ‘Mama’. It was in Jamaica at a point in my career where I had shown noticeable growth as a DJ. Baby Wayne, who was always one of my favorite DJs, insisted that my lyrics far outweighed my name. He suggested I be called ‘Many More’ as in Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and many more… which was so humorous at the time but the name Menny More eventually stuck. It's been like 15 - 16 years now.”

Menny More continued to record with King Jammy and his son John John from 1995 - 1998 on the Heavenless, Father Jungle Rock, Tight Clothes, Bellyas, and Head To Toe riddims. In 1997 he recorded a song called “Hot Gal” for Bobby Digital and a song called "Me A Move" for Kolliebud, Digital’s son. “Kolliebud actually came to look for me at Jammy’s studio personally. I didn't even know that he was Bobby Digital's son. He just pulled up to the studio in his white pick up van and said ‘I came here looking for you, please come to Bobby Digital's studio tomorrow at 9am I have a track for you’… and so I did.” It was the legendary Dennis Brown who first suggested that Menny More sing instead of DJ. It was at Don One studio again, around the same time. Menny was there practicing some harmonies on a day that Dennis had come in to record. “He heard some of the stuff that I was doing and he told me that I needed to be singing, so of course I listened to the Man and... I started to sing”.

Since his early days as a youth in New York, Menny’s interest in reggae music has never stopped growing. His unique experiences coming up in the biggest studios in both New York and Jamaica, learning from some of the best in the business, and touring the world with the Easy Star All Stars has all contributed to making Menny More one of the most versatile reggae singers today.

“If I were to name all the artists who shared a positive energy to help carve me into Menny More, I would be speaking for days, so therefore I won't even attempt to do so. But just to make you understand where this energy comes from here are a few of the great artists who have personally helped to groom me: Sugar Minott, Dennis Brown, Alton Ellis, Sister Carol, Johnny Osbourne, Pad Anthony, Michael Palmer, Sammy Dread, Nitty Gritty, Sluggy Ranks, Nicodemus,
Half Pint, Baby Wayne, Junior Cat, Supercat, Ed Robinson, Shabba Ranks, Mykal Rose, Patrick Andy, Roman Stewart, please don’t let me go on because there are too many to count. Whoever is missing from this list you know who you are and the Most High Jah will bless you seven fold.” - Menny More

Mixed Culture Feat. Perfect Giddimani-Ganja

Jah Youth Productions / New World Sounds


Mixed Culture is an 7-piece Roots Reggae ensemble from Hollywood, Florida. Mixed Culture has made a solid stance in the Miami reggae scene and is currently going into a period of rapid harmonic growth and expansion.

  • Mixed Culture has reached a crucial point in their musical evolution. Having recently added a horn section to their massive wall of sound, Mixed Culture continues to grow in Size and Sound.

  • Jah Youth Productions / Rumble Rock Recordz
    Well known around the world for their conscious lyrics and top notch roots and culture riddims, The Lambsbread from Hawaii brings us their latest musical masterpiece entitled "Bring Them Together".
    This album represents the coming together of two of Hawaii's most respected labels releasing conscious reggae music on the islands, Rumble Rock Recordz and Jah Youth Productions. Together with Kauai's #1 reggae artist The Lambsbread, they have crafted an album to last generations, bringing together a diverse collection of positive tunes for the worldwide reggae audience. Including hits like the Hawaii ganja anthem "Live it up again", proclaimed one of the biggest tunes of the year in Maui by top reggae station Q103fm. The HD video and tune were also featured by major DJ's and websites around the world.

    Lambsbread "Live It Up Again"

    The second single to debut from the album was the tune "Stand Firm" featuring their long time bredren Prezident Brown, popular international singer from Ocho Rios. The song was an instant success, the video reached the #1 spot on and held the position for four weeks, alongside top reggae videos from around the world. The song got great reviews and was also a hit on major radio station in Hawaii.
    Just a small taste of what is on the record, this album includes fourteen tracks in total with hit after hit. Linking up once again with Jamaican production label Rootical/Heddrock The Lambsbread recorded the title track "Bring Them Together" a classic roots riddim with a message for everyone, and a fiery dancehall track called "Sell Off". Bringing in their european hit on the "Lola Riddim" from Gold Cup Records, is the big tune "Trumpet Sound". Tunes like "Long Trod" and "Where is the Love" from WA producers Triple Crown, and Unite1 are moving tunes about life's trod. Plus a bag of new tunes from the Rumble Rock Camp like "Veteran", "Jah Love Forever", "Natural Mystic Healing" and more. The album also includes the latest radio hit leaked to Maui and Kauai radio "Keep It Blazing" a red hot single that has been a favorite on Maui radio since Q103 selecta Irie Dole got a hold of it. Also featured by UK DJ Gav Pauze the tune is sure to be a massive hit.
    Crowning the album is a massive combination between The Lambsbread and two of Jamaica's most talented culture singers Perfect Giddimani and Fantan Mojah. When the opportunity to work with these two inspiration in music came, The Lambsbread was overjoyed. The song is a Rastafari anthem hailing "four corners of the earth" as Fantan proclaims in the tune. "Pon di strong rock of Jah foundation INI come fi build up di nation" chants The Lambsbread "yo we haffi put another block upon di building" Perfect triumphantly declares, and this album is just that. Another stone upon the solid foundation of cultural reggae music. Available for preorder at itunes 4/20 2014 from Zojak Worldwide, this is a must have for every reggae lover's collection.  

    The Lambsbread - Live it up Again Official Video :

    The Lambsbread feat. Prezident Brown - Stand Firm :

    Fikir Amlak " King Of Kings" EP   
    Jah Youth Productions/ Black Lion Sounds
    Mystic Man. Man from the hills. Truisms that describe FIKIR AMLAK. This Rootsman has been putting out Heartical and Rootical works for 15 years now. 2014 will be a pinnacle year for this multi-talent(Andres Estrada) with the upcoming EP "King Of Kings", released by the highly respected Jah Youth Productions.
        This multi-instrumentalist/producer and engineer initially made an impact in 2005 when he established Black Lion Sounds(Santa Cruz, California) and released three superb albums "Fikir Amlak" "Love Jah And Live" and "Seed Of Zadok". Fikir has worked with such luminaries as St.Croix's Abja, Ras Batch, Ras Attitude and Puerto Rico's crusaders Roots Natty. Linking with these artists has honed his Royal style to higher ites. In 2008, he began a four year hiatus away from Babylon walls to refresh and reinvigorate. In 2012, he returned like a mighty Lion with "Lion Lives" and the excellent compilation "Highest Regions". Eager to spread Jah message throughout Creation, he has been writing and producing songs in Brazil(Rafa UniRidd) to Morocco(Saj Moor) to Northern California's Trinity Farm(Ras Biblical) and One Drop Records. Most recently, he has ventured into the Sound System arena; mashing it up from New York to Italy and across to England and France. Fikir Amlak's direct and versatile approach is felt throughout Creation like rolling thunder...
         Jah Youth(Jeffrey Bohler) is Hawaii's top ranking producer and brings out the absolute best in the artist. He has worked extensively with the likes of Daweh Congo and Kaya Lambsbread and these experiences have proved utter success in 2014. With the critical acclaim of Rob Symeonn's "Indigenous" and Perfect Giddimani's "Better Off Dread"; the link between this visionary producer and humble chanter will equate to incredible results. 
         People get ready! FIKIR AMLAK'S "King Of Kings" will resonate for years to come. Over granite riddims derived from Zion vision, Fikir delivers in a sincere, heartfelt and versatile style. Originality abounds throughout. Anthems like "Born To Win" "Train Jah Youth" and "Fya" showcase Dread chanting with the full spectrum of meditative approach and rapid fyah delivery that are lyrics tights and brimming with intellegency and reasoning. Big vibes all around! Open your Heart and Soul to the truth of FIKIR AMLAK.- Robert Heilman / Highermon 



    Rob Symeonn
    Night On The Town

    The Lambsbread Ft. Prezident Brown -Stand Firm 

    “all peace loving people should cooperate to stand firm, in order to preserve and promote lawfulness and peace” 
    H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, Dec.25, 1937

    Reggae has always had a message, and ever since Bob Marley introduced reggae music to the world, unity & love are the foundation that the music is built on. The new single from the Lambsbread “Stand Firm” is built on the solid foundation of this “Love & Unity” vibes. Featuring their long time friend and mentor Prezident Brown, the tune has a magic energy highlighted by an amazing rhythm section, blazing horns, and red hot bass & drums.Mixed and mastered in one of the finest studios on Maui, the project first came together when both the Lambsbread and Prezident Brown were invited to perform a concert together on the island. Already known fortheir 2006 hit together “Mountain Top”, FNG Associates saw the opportunity to release a brand new single. Rumble Rock Recordz producer Jimmy Cui, flew in from Oahu and the team went to work on the project. First was finding the proper studio. Grace Recording Studio was selected for the top quality sound, and also their ecologically sound 100% solar powered studio. Next, Lambsbread and the Prezident sat down to pen the tune. “We wanted to do a tune for the whole earth, a tune that could make the people feel we are really matter race, country, or class” said Kaya of the Lambsbread, and that is the message contained throughout the song. Once the tracks were being recorded it was easy to see a hit in the making. When it was time to mix, all the tracks were mixed on an analog board to get that original thick reggae sound. Mastered by one of the top mastering engineers in the music industry, the finished track is an anthem for unity as well as equal rights and justice. “Stand Firm” is a universal reggae song for all people, all generations! Set to be released September 16, “Stand Firm” will be available through all major digital outlets (itunes,amazon,etc…). There is also an HD video in production and will be releasing sometime next month.
    Stay Tuned & “Stand Firm”

    Aloha & Mahalo,
    Rumble Rock Recordz
    The Lambsbread
    Jah Youth Productions

    ROB SYMEONN FT. TICKLAH - JAH ONLY  Rob Symeonn Ft. Ticklah  [ JAH ONLY]
    Rob Symeonn is a reggae artist who set out to infuse his special blend of sound with an incredible amount of groove and passion, in equal doses. This time, Rob partnered up with Ticklah on a brand new single, “Jah Only”.
    The track is truly timeless, with its old school influences readily revealed from the very start. When this pair joins forces, the creative output is truly impressive: the greatness of this masterpiece is in the details, from the tight grooves to the subtle effects in the electric guitar and the vintage reverb of the vocals bringing it all together. Every single element in this mix has a well balanced, thick and powerful sound that truly fits with the strength and depth of the lyrical content.

    Reggae music is all about the feeling, so let the music do the rest of the talking and head over to soundcloud to stream “Jah Only” in its entirety!

    Track list 2013“Indo riddim” 

    1.Daweh Congo - Indo

    2.Niyorah - Don’t want to go

    3.Perfect Giddimani - We All Are One

    4.Natty King - It’s a Shame

    5.Lambsbread - live It up Again

    6.Arkaingelle - can you feel it

    7.Messenjah Selah - Slave for life

    8.Fikir Amlak - Rasta No C.I.A

    9.Rob Symeonn - Seems like

    10.Blessed Barak - One Two Order

    11.Ras Little Dread - Born Free

    12.Ickarus & King Dan - High Grade

    13.Winstrong - Ma’Ma

    14.Teomon & BuBz - Inna Di Country 

    15.Ras Gabriel - Blaze It Up

    16.Marty Dread - Coming Home

    17.Desmond Foster - Farmerman Bliss

    18.Jah Youth Productions - Indo Version

    Available now on iTunes "Indo Riddim" Click Here


    Jah Youth Productions Presents The “Indo Riddim” . This is a fresh one drop Roots Riddim Masterpiece That Possesses a Bluesy Style & the Sweetest Sounding harmonica line from the get go,Indo Riddim Features Some Great Positive Artists Such As Daweh Congo,Perfect Giddimani,Natty King,Rob Symeonn,Lambsbread And Many more...This Beautiful Riddim is Composed & Arranged By Jonahgold (Gold Heart Music) With great Musicians Robin Cochrane on drums, Desmond Foster on bass and guitars, Gunnar M Lidström on lead-guitars. Jah Youth’s has a Talented Artist Lineup. With a Combination of Both Veteran Artists & amazing Upcoming Reggae Prospects.  Its is very Positive & inspiring that the new generation of conscious Reggae artists are very well represented on the “Indo Riddim”. After a series of successful collaborations in the last two years,Jah Youth Productions is set to enter the limelight once again with new 2013’ Indo Riddim Release Distributed with one and only Zojak World Wide & Will Be Available For Digital Purchase On iTunes & Other Music major Distribution On Feburary .5 ,2013 .make sure Look out for this new "Indo Riddim" that is the highest quality of Roots Reggae Music

    Rob Symeonn -"The Spark Igniter"

    Rob Symeonn - Live Upright

    Rob Symeonn  [Live Upright]


    International Reggae Artist Rob Symeonn Has released a huge track entitled "Live Upright".This song is Produced by Jonahgold @ GoldHeart Music &Jah youth Productions there is no doubt that Rob Symeonn is one of the Greatest voices in Reggae. He is committed to helping return reggae to its roots. Reflecting his strong moral beliefs, Symeonn's lyrics bring a positive and conscious message to all his listeners . This Message to the youth Is Powerful..

    Rob Symeonn - Forgive Them

    Rob Symeonn is set to release his new single, "Forgive Them" by the end of 2012. Written by Symeonn, the track is set to light up the airwaves and dancehalls across the globe as he, once again, delivers real spiritual roots reggae music with a sweet melody that resonates in the hearts of his fans.

    I-Tunes Download Link [Rob Symeonn - Forgive Them]

    Rob Symeonn


    Daweh Congo 

    Daweh Congo


    Fikir Amlak - Black Lion Sounds 

    Fikir Amlak - Train

    Fikir Amlak - Love & Affection

    Fikir Amlak -Born To Win


    The Lambsbread - Live It Up Again (2013 "Indo Riddim")



    Winstrong "Mama" Official HD Music Video

    Blessed Barak

    Blessed Barak




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    Rob Symeonn - Night On The Town 

    Rob Symeonn Ft .Ticklah - Jah Only

    Rob Symeonn - Live Upright

    Rob Symeonn - Forgive Them

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    Daweh Congo - This World - BeeBee's Deluxe  
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    Rob Symoenn - Whom Shall I Fear



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