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Important Info

Please take note of the following information concerning all Jahalin Tours.
A little bit about culture...
  • Planning in the Arab world is different than in the west; please, be flexible - plans could change.
  • Arab culture is less strict as regarding timing than western cultures; please, be patient.
  • There may be talk about political issues; please, respect other points of view.
  • Taking pictures of people is sensitive; please, ask in advance when you want to make a picture of a person.
  • Note that in Bedouin (or Palestinian) culture it is perceived as improper to appear in public less than fully dressed.
  • In general, please, be respectful of the different culture and/or codes of conduct of people you may meet.

And about conditions...

  • Tours take place in the Palestinian Authority; please, bring with you a passport and your visa (this small piece of paper you received at the airport) or Israeli identity card.
  • Group tours take place on condition of a minimum of six participants.
  • Tours will be with private cars (to be arranged by us), mostly - but not always - on paved roads.
  • There will be some walking; take care you wear comfortable shoes.
  • On summer days it can be very hot. You may want to bring with you water, a hat and/or sun lotion.
  • Toilets may not be available everywhere; we suggest to make use of those where available.
  • Tours are guided in simple English and/or simple Hebrew, with translation if needed.

In addition...
  • To get most of our tours, you may want to prepare yourself in advance through our Resources .
  • If you have any questions, just ask us, and we'll be happy to answer.