Video Fun

Members spent last Wednesday looking at the video functions of their DSLR and compact cameras with a view to being able to record either sections of video to add into slideshows or to record short videos for friends and family.  

With audio being a key factor in any video a section of the night was spent looking at this as well.  As we are not professional videographers we looked at the on board mic of a Canon DSLR and the use of a shotgun mic on a 5D Mk III.  The video below is a little comparison of the two pieces of footage.

Experimenting with video

The notes from the evening are also available to download should you wish to have a go yourself.

We may also put some of this into practice for a few tutorial videos on our practical events so watch this space.

Welcome Back!
The new season is about to get underway, we look forward to seeing members old and new tonight and to share some images of our trips over the summer. Our first practical of the year will be a trip to The Victory Show at Cosby, providing a great variety of opportunities from re-enactors to aeroplanes. Check out the website at feel free to bring friends and family along too. We'll meet at 9:30am by the flight line (Where the planes are parked) on Sunday 7th September to allow everyone to get to the show and park and make their way over. The selection of images below show some of the shots we're taken in recent years.


Hartland Weekend Trip Report - Scott Wiggins
Our annual weekend photography trips continue to grow from strength to strength.  Phil one of our members suggested we make a trip to Hartland in Devon, somewhere known for it's rugged coastline and natural beauty.  16 of us made the trip down on Friday stopping along the way at Watersmeet in Exmoor to photograph the house there and river which surrounds it.  With such a diverse range of photographic interests we had a mixture of landscape and natural history shots.

Moving Water at Watersmeet - Scott Wiggins

Grey Wagtail - Helen Jackson-Garside

We all settled into our lodgings for the weekend and had a quick recce of the shore by the hotel.  The clouds prevented a good sunset or any celestial photography so we enjoyed a social night with a few drinks.
Hartland Quay - Tony Cartwright

Saturday morning started was a dawn patrol amongst the rocks, well for those of us who got up early!  Lots of tips and pointers were being shared as we made the best of the early morning light and outgoing tide.
Hartland Mist - Scott Wiggins

Hartland Rocks - Scott Wiggins

Fortified by a hearty breakfast we set off for Welcombe.  If you'll excuse the pun, our welcome at Welcombe was a wet one but the rock formations were stunning and the nearby waterfall and river gave further photographic opportunities.  The hard shower of almost horizontal rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits.
Spot the Photographer! - Helen Jackson-Garside

It would be rude to not enjoy a Devon Cream Tea and the tea room a Docton Mill Gardens allowed us chance to rest a little before we enjoyed the gardens.
Tulip at Docton Mill Gardens - Helen Jackson-Garside

We returned to the hotel to find that the stormy winds had knocked the power cable off the pole, the fire brigade were present and there was no power to the hotel.  Thankfully the bar was gravity fed so we could still enjoy a pint.  The incoming tides around the harbour were some of the most violent I've ever seen, mother nature is certainly the dominant force.  

Crashing Wave - Helen Jackson-Garside

The power was restored in plenty of time for our group meal and everyone swapped stories from the day or began to work on images they'd taken.
Incoming Tide - Scott Wiggins

Sunday was going to be a long drive home and we broke the drive up by visiting the beach at Woolacombe for a couple of hours in the hope of catching some images of the surfers on the beach.  The surfers were not as prevalent as we'd hoped although we did get a few images, together with lots of candids of each other on the beach.
Surfer - Helen Jackson-Garside

All in all a great weekend of photography, fun and friendship.  Thanks to everyone who played a part in organising the weekend, I can't wait for next years trip.

JPS does Hartland