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Jaguar Cross Country running team's official website!

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The Coach

Coach Wayne Dickie does an excellent job of teaching and encouraging the runners to push themselves in order to achieve their goals.  Not only does Coach Dickie lead by explaining and telling but by showing and doing as well.  He gets out there and sweats and pushes himself as he provides a motivating example.  Coach Dickie has over 25 seasons of coaching experience with both track and cross country under his belt as both track and cross country coach in Pine Island.  We are fortunate to have him as our coach!

The Program

The Jaguar Cross Country program's goal is to help Rochester Minnesota area homeschool kids from grades 7-12, build their fitness, improve their running, learn about a lifetime sport and have the opportunity to compete in high school meets.

As a team we work hard at practices but we also have a few traditional fun events, including: The Kings Park Relay Run, The Slowest Bike Race, The Plank Contest, Pumpkin Bowling and more! (Check out the Achievements page to see the records for these prestigious events). 

Jaguar CC Team Calendar

The First Team

2010 was the inaugural year for the Jaguar CC team. Considering the fact that the team was thrown together just days before the first practice, we were happy to have 35 participants last year. Due to the late creation of our team we were unable to compete with area schools so instead we signed up for a collection of area 5k road races. In the mean time coach started planning for the 2011 season; looking into uniforms, races, regulations, and leagues. As can be seen on the calendar, we look forward to a collection of some great high school meets!