Life Cycle

The Jaguar is a very protective animal. So the jaguar finds its mate In the tropical part of their range. In the tropical part of their range, jaguars seem to mate in any season. In other areas, they mate in the later part of the year.The Male and female jaguars live together only during the mating and pregnancy season. The male gets the females attention by roars very loud continues times. when the female hears the roars, she roars back to let the male know that she heard him.Mating takes place among loud and continuous roars. Apparently this takes place after the female poses prolonged resistance. Where coupling took place the vegetation appears torn and crushed down in an area of three square meters.    The gestation period lasts between 92 and 113 days, during which the female is very voracious and hunts more frequently than usual. By the end of its pregnancy she searches for a den and usually that is where she gives birth. The mother can give up to 5 baby cubs.The Mother or the female tries to keep the male to stay away from the cubs since they are very aggressive. Also the female is very protective of the cubs. she defends her cubs very ferociously. The offspring or jaguars leave there mothers in about 2 years and they live for 15-20 years.                                                 


Jaguar in the savannahs.

Jaguar in the rain-forest.

Male jaguar mating with a female jaguar.

As you can see this female jaguar is in the gestation period because she has 
a couple of lumps on her belly 
where the babies are.

Jaguar baby cubs.

The female jaguar is always on the lookout protecting her cubs.

The baby jaguars finally leave their mothers after 2 years.

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(Packet that Miss Smith gave us.)