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"The Mouse That Roared" Opens Thursday, April 30

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Come see Carrboro High School’s student production of The Mouse That Roared, a cold war era comedy about a little country that unwittingly shakes the world!

What does a country do when it needs money? Invade America, of course! This is the quest of the tiny duchy of Grand Fenwick, a minute, isolated monarchy fallen on hard times. When a company in California robs Grand Fenwick of its livelihood, the little country’s 22 year-old queen, Gloriana, responds with a declaration of war, in the hopes that the United States will flood the country with millions of dollars in aid to “rehabilitate” Grand Fenwick after the war. The scheme is simple, but complications in its execution leave Grand Fenwick with more than it bargained for, and smack dab in the middle of a game that may change the world forever.

Characters: Princess Gloriana - Julia Stamey, Tully Bascom - Walker Harrison, Dianne Benter - Claire Hanlon, Count Mountjoy - Franklin Hirsch, Will Tatum - Harris Middlesworth, The President - Martine Witt, Chet Beston - Thomas Cassidy, Professor Kokintz - Jesse Prakken, General Snippet - Grace Siplon 

When: April 30th, May 1st and 2nd

Time: 7:30 PM, Doors open at 7:00 PM

Where: Carrboro High School Theater, 201 Rock Haven Rd.

Tickets: $5 for Students; $10 for Adults; Free for CHCCS Faculty/Staff


Lucid Dream Auditions - March 15 or 16 at 4:30

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Online Playbill with Bios

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Grease - Closing Performance is Saturday, March 14

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To clarify Saturday, March 14 is the last performance of "Grease." There will be NO MATINEE tomorrow, Sunday, March 15. We regret that we could not accommodate all interested parties during Friday and Saturday nights' performances.

Students, please join auditions for Lucid Dream Productions' "The Mouse That Roared" this Monday, March 16 or Tuesday, March 17 from 4:30 - 6:30 in the CHS Blackbox. No need to prepare anything!

Please come see this student-produced, directed, teched, and acted production April 30 - May 2. Thank you so much for your continued support.

"Grease" - Online Sales for Saturday Closed

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For those who purchased tickets online:

Thank you for your support of the performing arts at Carrboro High School. We anticipate being in a sold out situation again tonight for "Grease." The Box Office will open tonight at 6:30 PM. We ask that you arrive tonight NO LATER THAN 7:00PM. Pick up your tickets at Will Call and please take your seat. Any will-call tickets that are not claimed by 7:25 PM will be put back into the general pool for sales.

For those who have yet to purchase a ticket:

We look forward to another fantastic show tonight. The online sales for tonight’s performance are now closed. The box office at CHS will open at 6:30 PM tonight. If you need a ticket for tonight and have not purchased one online we ask for your patience as we will seat those with advanced purchase tickets first and then we will sell additional tickets until the house is full.

"Grease" Ticket Sales Update

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Thank you to all who attended Friday night's performance of "Grease."  We do apologize for not being able to provide a seat for everyone, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we had to make some difficult decisions.

There were several reasons we oversold this evening, including what we believe to be a technical glitch in our online sales.  When we realized the problem, we closed online sales until we could sort out the issues.

While we anticipate a sold-out performance on Saturday, March 14, we do currently have tickets available.  We will reopen online ticket sales at 10:00 AM on Saturday, March 14.

"Grease' - March 12, 13, 14

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A new school year is beginning at Rydell High in 1958, and with it ends the summer romance between girl-next door Sandy Dumbrowski (Ally Copenhaver) and bad boy-greaser Danny Zuko (Josh Rubenstein). When Sandy unexpectedly enrolls as the new student at Rydell, it makes everyone question who they are and where they fit in. Featuring iconic songs like "Summer Nights," "Greased Lightning," and "We Go Together," Grease chronicles the challenges and choices teenagers faced during and since the era of rock 'n' roll.

Characters: Miss Lynch - Bre Hewitt, Patty Simcox - Josie Dangler, Eugene Florczyk - Ari Smith, Jan - Caroline Smith, Marty - Molly Smith, Betty Rizzo - Emma Friedman, Doody - Presyce Baez, Roger - Anthony Fraden, Kenickie -Walker Harrison, Sonny LaTierri - Franklin Hirsch, Frenchy - Claire Hanlon, Sandy Dumbrowski - Ally Copenhaver, Danny Zuko - Josh Rubenstein, Vince Fontaine -Thomas Cassidy, Johnny Casino - Sander Scott, Cha-Cha DiGregorio - Grace Siplon, Teen Angel - Marichi Gupta, Radio Voice - Julia Nyman
Seniors: Ari Smith, Molly Smith, Anthony Fraden, Walker Harrison, Franklin Hirsch, Claire Hanlon, Ally Copenhaver, Josh Rubenstein, Sander Scott, Grace Siplon, Jean Brannum, Daniel Lynch, David Terrell, Heather Porter, Den Whittaker

When: March 12th, 13th, 14th

Time: 7:30 PM
Where: Carrboro High School Theater
Tickets: $5 for Students; $10 for Adults; Free for CHCCS Faculty/Staff


Grease Auditions - January 6th and 7th

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Email ASAP to reserve a perusal script!

Click here for audition tips offered during the Musical Theatre Workshop.

Musical Theatre Workshop

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Spaces are still available.  Bring your $40 before the start of the first workshop!

"Grease" - Interest Meeting

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"Grease" - Interest Meeting

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