Virtual Guru Fundraiser for Jagriti

 Education is very essential for the youth so we decided to take up helping with education of underprivileged kids in India. We chose Jagriti Sewa  Trust in Faridabad, India run by Mr. Kathpalia and his wife. The Kathpalias teach kids from "Jhuggis"(Slums). They have been doing this for 5+ years now. They now have two centers which are donated space by patrons. They teach elementary kids and also do computer skill classes for young adults so they can get better jobs. Our project has two parts :
  1. Have a fundraiser to raise money for 4 Laptops and a Overhead projector for the school . A Fundraiser is set up for Sept 28th. It includes carnival games, food, Henna, Silent auction, raffle etc. Please see Flyer for more details. (PDF file - requires free Adobe Reader)
  2. Try to get some free educational resources for school. The educational videos that are used by elementary schools here are a great Audio Visual resource. Since the kids in the school come from non English background it will be difficult to use these animation videos. We plan to either take the existing educational videos and have a voice over in hindi, gujrati, telugu, marathi etc. languages and have them available for free or create our own educational videos with Voice over.

Jagriti Sewa Trust

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About Jagriti Sewa Trust

The NGO was started some 5 years ago at a very small level, but thanks to MR.H.S. Kathpalia along with his wife Mrs. Manjeet Kathpalia’s efforts that today it has grown by quite a large number, and therefore, it is important that we give youths the correct exposure, so that they can act as a guiding light to other youth and encourage them to do something for the society of which they are also a part.

Why and how it was started:

Mr. H.S.Kathpalia (graduated from IIT Delhi as Civil Engineer in 1967) along with his wife Mrs. Manjeet Kathpalia (trained teacher who has served in reputed school and colleges for more than two decades as Botany teacher) always wanted to give back to society. They used to feel very sad for beggars and poor people and realized that it was a grim reality which needed to be changed, and we cannot put the entire onus on the govt.

Mr. H.S.Kathpalia - “I personally feel sense of happiness n satisfaction out of this service, feel energized and it keeps me going to do such things for the society as it keeps me fit at the age of 69. We had set some goals in our minds i.e., to protect the poor, fight for their rights, respect them, and do something to protect our environment. We initially had to do some running from pillar to post to make our NGO recognized but it wasn’t such a big hassle. Also, even if we did not get the approval, we knew we had to do something for our society and the planet.

We have got around 6 centers nearby slums which are being run in public parks and rent free buildings and we have few permanent teachers as well as temporary staff to look after the school and other activities.

All donations given to JAGRITI SEWA TRUST (regd.) are exempted under section 80G of IT LAWS (India). 100% OF Donations are used for the education of the underprivileged children. Expenditure on conveyance, mobile bills etc. are borne by volunteers themselves. Money can be used for paying salaries to teachers, school supplies and books, snacks out door picnics and purchase of computers as and when required.

Around 600 students are being provided coaching at different locations in the city so that they can become good human beings. And responsible citizen of the country. These children if not taken care, can resort to destructive activities and can turn into criminals. We can say that we have done considerable work, especially around our area. People come to us whenever they have any kind of problem, and it’s always a pleasure to help them. We also organize workshops at regular intervals for poor people and give them information regarding their rights. It brings in a sense of satisfaction. I hope in the future that more and more people join us and that we are able to do much more work than what we have been doing

The trust is also engaged in providing computer education /training to college going girls along with spoken ENGLISH and personality development courses at three different locations in Faridabad so as to enable them to seek employment in the market.

Money is needed for the ultimate goal of permanent space /building for having regular school. However, we are blessed and people hailed our effort which acted as a morale booster for us at to JAGRITI SEWA TRUST (regd.)

We have a very simple and clear cut message for the youth. I believe that it is the youth which has to bring change to India. It is us, who have to replace the negatives from our society and adopt changes which are really positive. We also have to make sure that we protect our environment or we too will cease to exist. All the power for change lies with the youth. Sop start right now and do something good! Don’t be afraid of the hurdles ahead, they are just there to strike fear into you. Think of them as the challenges and you’ll bring a positive change for all of us.”