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Tehelka presents JAGO India new

They are the Indians from across the world with a commitment to honesty and transparency and a significant stake in the country’s future, regardless of where they are --  Atal Bihari Vajpaee, former  Prime Minister of India


Welcome all Honest Law Abiding Indian Citizens!

Let us unite and FIGHT CORRUPTION in INDIA. The majority of us are followers looking for some one else to lead the way. We, a group of technocrats, doctors & scholars from IIT,IIM & AIMs to REC & RMC's, have created JAGO INDIA   Found- tion and have made it our responsibility to lead the way for others to follow. We hope our countrymen will have faith in our commitment and ability to lead. We will make JAGO the FLAG ship that will spearhead this movement and make our voices heard not just at home in India but all over the world. We will make all law makers and law breakers sit up and listen.


This group is open to all honest citizens who have just about had enough of scams worth thousands of Crores of Rupees with no conviction in sight in decades. It's TIME for a CHANGE. It's Time for all of us to make in roads into governance and politics and try to stem CORRUPTION. 


Join the group and voice your opinions freely without any fear. The group will be moderated to ensure it does not get hijacked. This group is not for the Chicken hearted--When you join, we will assume you mean business, a business to eradicate corruption!

Besides Fighting Corruption which is a very ambitious objective, we will be striving to find Dubey's Killers and every one who was involved in instigating his cold blooded murder. Politicians may come, Politicians may go, fight against corruption in India will go on for ever.