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Poetry writings as an art form may predate literacy. Many ancient works, from the Indian Vedas (1700–1200 BC) and Zoroaster's Gathas (1200-900 BC) to the Odyssey (800–675 BC), appear to have been composed in poetic form to aid memorization and oral transmission, in prehistoric and ancient societies.Poetry appears among the earliest records of most literate cultures, with poetic fragments found on early monoliths, runestones and stelae.

Below is an excerpt from soon to be published book of writings by the author:                      


                                       A series of images appear
                                       Lingering effortlessly
                                       Within certain stages of my sleep 
                                       With no control, it runs its course
                                       Each image appears in focus
                                       Stirring ideas, emotions, and sensations 
                                       Occurring involuntarily in my mind

                                       A thought exists
                                       Creating moments of reality
                                       An absolute truth in reason
                                       Wonders of another so real
                                       She exists now in my dreams
                                       But also in reality
                                       Beyond just an idea

                                       Images of her flow easily
                                       Especially in a sculptured likeness
                                       Beauty becomes her in my mind
                                       A personification of purity
                                       Vivid in color
                                       Soft to my eyes
                                       Her image evokes my calling to her

                                       Emotions of joy erupt within
                                       Rising spontaneously
                                       Peaking to a point of passion
                                       With boundless enthusiasm
                                       Rooted strongly within my heart
                                       Pure ardent love expressed
                                       Glowing eyes peering back in return
                                       Her eyes display a desire in pursuit

                                       Sensations engulf the mind
                                       With intense interest and excitement
                                       Physical pursuit is desired
                                       Reaching out to touch her physical body 
                                       Sensations of lightness surge through her 
                                       Stimulating the senses of the mind
                                       Causing immense visual sensations
                                       Her body heat encapsulates her

                                       Desires create a common purpose
                                       To bring together two hearts in unity
                                       Becoming one in harmony
                                       A work of art
                                       A work of love
                                       A dramatic change of passion and purpose 
                                       Both confined to a single locale
                                       To prosper and dream together
                                       Growing within each other
                                       Peering upon a future untold
                                       A future of wonder

                                       Dreams come true
                                       Dreams are alive and well
                                       Dreams are waiting to be released
                                       Dreams become you
                                       Dream yourself to sleep
                                       Become the dream within a dream
                                       And awaken to a wondrous life