Invocation of the Immortal Self

Ritual prep:

Participants should spend a few minutes meditating on, discussing, or otherwise orienting themselves to the planetary spheres of the Xaobala. A few minutes should be spent in Sublimation meditation.


Purpose: This ritual is designed to essentially flush the psyche of the shaman into the Sun self. By traveling through the 9 personalities the shaman is drawn into a gravitational orbit about his/her center until contact is made. This should cause an alignment of self with the god-self. In the end the shamanic traveler should be strapped to the axis mundi, or pulled out of space and time, connected with all selves, past, present and future.


From each sphere the practitioner is gathering information but is also causing the evaporation of that personality. Once in the center these evaporated aspects are combined and condensate in the center falling on the dancer as the pure essence of self, the golden elixir, the dew of immortality.


Gnosis: Excitatory, spiral/spinning/krump dancing. This is to begin. It may at any time slip into any number of Gnostic conditions to include inhibitory Gnostic states.


  1. Perform the Xaobalistic Spiral and Banish
  2. Let the Xaobala be drawn on the floor [fig 1.]
  3. A candle should be placed at secondary path (the paths between the spheres themselves)
  4. As the dancer enters each circle let the attendants chant or sings the name of the planetary sphere
  5. There should be one in attendance keeping record if the dancer does anything or says/chants/screams anything indicative of a transmission. This can be recorded or videoed.
  6. From the center give the shamanic traveler plenty of time to reflect before redrawing the Xaobala and beginning the next dance.

fig 1.