Kuei Tai-Chi (ghost dance)

This ritual has been edited from its original format to fit the Will of the individual practitioner.  



You will need a lot of incense. One pack of incense for every practitioner will do (something like 20 sticks per person). The whole pack should be carried. A lantern. A single bill (1, 5, 10, 20 etc. depending on how much you can or are willing to sacrifice. This should also depend on the extremity of the request). Pen or markers. Candles.



It is our will to create a Keui servitor from an individual who was a ruthless bureaucratic businessman and died in a violent and unsettling way. This relationship is to be gone into as a business partnership, exchanging ghost money for favors. Once the ritual has been performed, participants may use the sigil and name to create ghost money to burn on the 13th or the 31st of any month (the most powerful day being the 31st day of the 10th month). An altar will be established in your home or main altar for the Keui.



0)      Banish


1)      Light the center lantern and light all personal candles


2)      Take your place at your personal candle at the outskirts of the temple or at a good distance form the center if outdoors. Write your instructions for the Keui on your ghost money (the specific Keui’s sigil should be pre drawn). This can be in the form of prayers or sigilized or in pictorial glyphs. Fold your ghost money and hold it between your teeth. 


3)      Light your incense and bow 13 times chanting in glossolalia and dragging the lit incense across your bare skin. Yes, you are chanting through clenched teeth.


4)      Still chanting extinguish the personal candle and move forward on your knees toward the center candle with incense held between your hands palms together. Stop every step forward and bow 13 times, dragging the incense across your bare skin. Repeat this step until you are as close to the center candle as possible.


5)      Place your ghost money on the ground at the base of the lantern. Continuing to chant and bow until all participants get to the center. 


6)      When everyone has arrived and all the money is on the ground stop chanting, get up and begin your ghost dance. This is Tai Chi of the ghost. Your incense is your weapon. Move slowly at first and pick up speed as the invocations become more intense. Invoke the chi of the ghost, invoke the ghost world itself and allow it to move you. This tai-chi dancing is to invite ghosts up from hell to dance with you. As the invocation becomes more intense and more ghosts pass through the gate the gate will open wider and wider allowing for easier communication with the Keui of your choice. You may find that you will dance with one ghost and then another. Continue this until you feel exhausted. And kneel wherever you find yourself. Orient to the center candle and again walk on your knees toward it chanting the name of your Kuei [this is the name of the person backwards].


7)      At the center continue chanting [insert name of your Kuei]. Pick up your ghost money. When sufficient gnosis is achieved and you have been given sign to do so, burn your ghost money, sending it directly to your Kuei. 


8)      When everyone’s ghost money has been sent the ritual is in conclusion.


9)      Banish


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