Channeling CV17 Into Intent Flags



The design of this ritual is to activate the central channels of the microcosmic orbit and move chi from its center to a physical representation of Will. In this case the Will is represented by Intent Flags placed at the top of a pole. String is placed at the top of this pole and held in the mouths of the practitioners in order to move the chi in the form of wave vibrations along the string and into the flags themselves.


Chi is activated and the channels cleared and opened by running through the IEAOU vibratory sequence. In the later part of the ritual the Chi is further charged by activation of the Tan Tien sexual energies at the vibration of U. This is then moved up to A at CV17 where fire cupping forcibly stops the energy and pulls it out of the cycle. CV17 is the acupuncture point of not only respiration but of Chi generation. This combination lends itself quite nicely to the idea of transferring chi into wave vibration outside of the body.


As the energy moves through the vibration up the string to the flags so should the consciousness of the practitioner as he or she inters gnosis.



To obtain an Abbey.



The performance of this ritual will require:

1.      Fire cups and the necessary equipment for applying them

a.      The cups, baby oil, fire (these are essential, other styles may dictate other materials)

2.      A pole with a nail at the top for tying wire or string

a.      Three or more feet in height

3.      Rice paper

4.      Ink and calligraphy brush

5.      Wire or non-synthetic string

a.      You will require a good bit of this so have a full spool handy

6.      Stapler



Sit in a circle with participants chanting the IEAOU sequence. Take turns with the ink and brush while sigilizing your intent on the rice paper. Have the rice paper cut in foot or longer strips. Sigilize from top to bottom. Create more than one sigil on the paper. Fill it up. The sigils are created a bit differently than what one may be accustomed to. Create the sigil in the mind in meditative trance. Trace the sigil in the mind, tracing it in the mind, committing it to memory before committing it to paper. When the sigil is transferred to the paper it must be done in one fluid motion with no pauses to consider one’s action.


When all Intent Flags are completed staple them to the side top of the pole. Set this aside. Have the participants lay on their backs with their heads toward the center of the working space. Participants should not be so far from one another that they could not touch hands. The Intent Flag Pole will be place in the center. A practiced individual should place the fire cups at acupuncture point CV17. And then place a string from the top of the pole to the participant’s mouth to be held between the teeth.


When the Cupper has cupped him or herself and all strings are being held taut, begin the chanting again, IEAOU, this time stopping at U and continuing the U vibration until sexual excitation occurs. Continue the upward motion of the vibration stopping at A. Continue the A vibration until gnosis is achieved and the ritual concludes itself in laughter. 



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