Bone Oracle Divination Ritual


1.You will need a bone or a few bones with a large flat surface. Turtle shells and hipbones, shoulder blades and or skulls work well.

2. Sharp utensil for carving into bone

3. Three candles

4. Coins or Yarrow sticks for follow up I-Ching reading

5. Writing utensil and paper

6. Incense



0. Banish

1. Set the candles in a triangle with the apex toward you.

2. Light incense

3. Meditate on your question.

4. Carve the possible answers to your question in sigilized form on the bone with a corresponding yin line and yang line for each answer.

5. Begin burning the underside of the bone on a candle. Hold until cracks appear.

6. The cracks are read by intuition. If a crack is large it holds more weight. If it touches a sigil itself it is more potent than if it touches a yin or yang line. If pieces come out this can be interpreted as a very strong crack. Pressure can be applied to the cracks to determine the continued pattern.

7. Throw coins or use your yarrow sticks to obtain a hexagram to further analyze your bone oracle results.