I currently work as a Senior Hardware Engineer at Nvidia Corporation. My current work involves designing HDR Pipeline for Nvidia's GSYNC module. On a typical day, you can spot me looking at waveforms, debugging failures of  System level Hardware/software tests.

 I graduated from the Electrical Engineering Dept. at University of California, Los Angeles.  

At UCLA, I worked as a Junior Development Engineer at the Photonics Lab, headed by Prof. Bahram Jalali.
My research at UCLA involved processing of data from STEAM (the world's fastest imaging system) using FPGAs.

Publications : http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2012/06/25/1204718109



Areas of work :  RTL Design - Extensive experience with Altera FPGAs                            
                          scripting using PERL
                          Debug using Emulation Platform.

                            RTL/ASIC system level design and implementation of High Profile MPEG -2/4 decoders on FPGAs; Architectural Design of System on Chip.
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                                 email : jagannath.s3@gmail.com
                                 phone : 001 408-386-8039  
                                   Education : Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, UCLA ( www.ucla.edu )
                                                     Bachelor of Engineering, electronics and communication, NITK ( http://www.nitk.ac.in/ )

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