Jaeok Park

Associate Professor
School of Economics, Yonsei University
Seoul, Korea


Selected Publications
4. Repeated Games with General Discounting (with Ichiro Obara), Journal of Economic Theory 172, pp. 348-375, November 2017.
3. Competitive Equilibrium and Singleton Cores in Generalized Matching ProblemsInternational Journal of Game Theory 46(2), pp. 487-509, May 2017.
2. Second-Price Auctions with Sequential and Costly Participation (with Jinhyuk Lee), Economic Theory 62(3), pp. 567-586, August 2016.
1. Potential Games with Incomplete Preferences, Journal of Mathematical Economics 61, pp. 58-66, December 2015.

Working Papers
3. Decision Making and Games with Vector Outcomes, September 2018, submitted.
1. Repeated Games with General Time Preference (with Ichiro Obara)last update: February 2017

Research in Progress
2. Preemptive Entry in Sequential Auctions with Participation Cost (with Jeongwoo Lee)
1. Repeated Games with Recursive Utility (with Ichiro Obara)

Teaching at Yonsei

Game Theory and Its Applications
Market Design
Mathematical Economics

Microeconomics 1
Topics in Microeconomics