Fenrisúlfr - 2nd oldest jämthund kennel in Czech republic 

Welcome on our web pages dedicated to a dog breed jämthund (grey swedish elkhound), who is very rare in our country and almost uknown to public. To be precize - almost everywhere but Sweden, Norway and Finland, you would be very lucky to meet jämthund. For example - presently (as far as we know) there is less than 10 jämthunds in Denmark, a bit more than 30 dogs in Czech rep. and similar situation is in Germany, Poland etc.

Jämthund is a very brave hunting dog, who works like a devil in the forrest, but is an angel at home - he is very patient and mild companion to humans. Swedish elkhound has a wide palette of talents and qualities - most natural is a hunt for big prey - to find it in great area and stop it till his human won´t come, but jämthunds work in swedish army and they are seldomly used even as a mushing dogs.

At our web, you will find some information about the breed and we believe, that it is just a matter of time, when jämthunds will be better known, like they deserve it. If you will have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.