Jaeger Engine

The Jaeger Machine Company of Columbus Ohio began manufacturing cement mixers about 1920, they never manufactured their own engines. It was an excellent decision to use the Hercules as their powerplant choice. This particular engine was manufactured for Jaeger by the Hercules Gas Engine Company out of Cincinnati Ohio. Jaeger began making small cement mixers around 1920 using the Hercules Gas Engine, although they were all marked, (branded)  with the "Jaeger" name. Jaeger later went to a multiple piston mixer engine in 1940s when they began placing cement mixers on trucks. The model FW is the first of the Hercules engines to use a spark plug and Wico magneto. Previous models all had low tension ignition. Hercules built the FW from 1923 to 1924, and produced about 25,000 units. To the right is is a beautiful Jaeger engine I was able to find a few years ago.

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Engine Manufacturing history in the state of Ohio

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Hercules is the trade name of the Hercules engine company.
Jaeger is the trade name of the Jaeger Machine company.
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