I am a doctoral candidate in Marketing specializing in psychological consumer research with experimental design.

I hold B.A.s from Ewha Womans University in psychology and philosophy, and an M.A. from Korea University in social and cultural psychology.

My dissertation consists of three essays that examine the role of psychological closure (or "moving on"); specifically, how it influences consumers' perceptions, cognitive judgments, and consumption. One paper is being revised for 2nd round review at the Journal of Consumer Research; another paper is being prepared for submission to the Journal of Marketing Research.

More broadly, I am interested in (1) how consumers make sense of events when causal information is scarce, and (2) how extracted meanings affect consumers. For example, some of my research examine the link between causal understanding and abstract thinking; one paper is published in Social Psychological and Personality Science (link to journal here), and another paper is being revised to be submitted to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. I am also working on a project related to consumers' karmic beliefs (data collection complete & manuscript in preparation). You can learn more about my research here.

I have a passion for education, especially for cultivating critical thinking. You can learn more about my teaching interests here.

Besides research, I enjoy camping and traveling.