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 "The Art of Hair"  where Jade  demonstrates  different updos and styles   at Second Saturday Downtown Sacramento. Come celebrate "The Art of Hair" w/ "Midtown Salon" 

 Before & After: This guest wanted to cover her grey and get rid of the red. After a thorough consultation. I formulated a color that will not only cover the grey, but will allow the hair to grow without the grey being noticeable.  I intermixed 3 different color tones through out her hair. This technique is easy to maintain and is recommend every 8 to 10 week


  Before & After:  This guest came in for an emergency corrective color. Her color was over processed with bleach, and parts of her hair were so damaged that it melted off when the previous stylist pulled the foils out of her hair. This is a very tricky color correction due to the over processed hair. When dealing with this type of chemically damaged hair it is very important to not add a lot of tension to the already processed hair, no matter what, you will have some breakage when dealing with this type of corrective color.  I mixed a deep red with a ribbon of gold.  I added 2 different low lights for dimension, and with a much needed corrective cut this corrective project was reformed.   


 Before & After:  This guest has very course grey hair  she likes to keep her hair color natural with out the grey. I mixed 3 different colors, 1 hilift color for highlights, 1 low light for depth. I strategically placed foils through out her hair and applied a custom  root color for grey coverage from roots to ends. With the proper hair care product this guest visits every 8 - 9 weeks

Before & After: This guest came in from New York, she wanted to be a natural blonde, she had several different tones in her hair from dark roots to pale blonde through out. I mixed 4 different colors starting with the roots, I lifted the roots to a lighter brown after processing the roots I added 2 different highlights and a low light  for dimension, I placed foils through out her hair. The end results where amazing. This process unlike the others, is not low maintains and the color should be refreshed after 6 - 8 weeks depending on out  growth.

 Before & After:  To start with, this guest had several different color tones, and the ends where dry and brittle.  After a thorough  consultation, I formulated 4 different colors and tones, I  feathered each color carefully in order to blend each color into one another giving my guest a custom color of her own. Because this guest is grey free, and with the right product to reduce fading, this will be  a very low maintenance color to maintain, this color is a custom blend to fit her skin tone and should be refreshed every 10 - 12 weeks      
  Before & After: This guest was ready for a change. I lightened her roots to a light blonde first, I then added 3 different color highlights, a hilift blonde, a cool blonde, and light natural brown. Alternating all 3 colors. 








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