About Me

My love affair with movies probably began with Flash Dance or IceCastles. According to my parents, I apparently use to watch both non-stop, every day and any day, attempting to dance or 'skate' along with them. Although classics, you have to admit, these movies are pretty crazy to be a 4-year-old's obsession. What can I say? The movieGOOMBA was meant to be.

In high school I always looked forward to Tuesday, which of course is when all the new movies go to tape. I'd make my pilgrimage to Blockbuster (since my Auntie Lila moved her business to a different city because of that Blockbuster opening in that very same strip mall; I'm a traitor, I know), and gorge myself on movies. In the summer, I'd sometimes watch four a day.

However, I didn't catch on to DVD's very quickly. I was afraid that it would turn into that whole Laserdisc fiasco. ::sigh:: How my parents would watch Segal movie after Segal movie on our huge laserdisc/karaoke machine (<---which all Filipinos have, btw). Those were the days.

It wasn't until college that I started warming up to the DVD idea. I blame that on my fiance Joe who showed me that it's okay to let go of the past. I now have a small collection of 200, which will hopefully grow to fill an entire living room wall.

So now, a pro-Netflix, movie whore, I try and watch eight movies a week. This is relatively easy for me since my work does not in any way interfere with my "outside" life. I'm a desk jockey, staring at this computer screen for eight hours a day. Why not stare at different type of screen for eight hours more - because that's insane. So I try and balance it out with social things, like watching movies with friends (no, I am not legally blind by now), having Jenn and Joe time, hanging with girlfriends, eating like a pregnant woman, exercising, and throwing fun themed parties.

So here I am, the little movieGOOMBA, attempting to make my ideas and opinions on film known to the world. Hopefully I'll be like San Diego's famous radio personalities, Jeff and Jer, who joke that they only have seven listeners. So for now, to my two devoted readers, who I know are Joe and Ashleigh, thanks for listening to my voice.

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