'X' Marks the Spot

A short story by Rowan Stanfield & John Lloyd

 All she ever wanted was to tell a story,

because she had a lot of tales to tell,

considering the short life she had led.

Dealing with the drunkards on shore,

Evelyn couldn't help feeling the need for some rum herself,

for she longed to re-enact that scene from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Gone were the days when she could wear red,

her hips were only suitable for green and blurple.

In soft light she could get away with beige.


Killing pirates was only a part time hobby.

Like many a lady she held dreams of wedlock,

mostly when she slept in the cowshed,

next to the sheep and the pigs.

Only they knew why they went there every night,

plenty of other guys went to market.

Questioning her better judgement, she proceeded to the beach.

Renting a beach hut seemed like an amazing idea,

so that she could have that pina colada,

that would, though, go straight to her greenly clothed hips;

underneath which was the unspeakable.

Virtually everyone on the ship had heard the rumours,

whether they wanted to or not.

'X' marked the spot where the pina colada could lead...

You may wonder where this tale is going.

Zilllions of others would agree with that, but nothing can be a certainty until Latitude 2009!