Cap & Gown Orders

Cap and gowns and related accessories such as class rings or graduation announcements etc can be ordered online from Herff-Jones. The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE to place an order is the April 30th of each year. Of course having them ordered sooner is much, much appreciated. Envelopes with this same information and paper based order forms are distributed in late November of each year.  The local representative for Herff-Jones is Kingsley, Incorporate and they come on site in November as well to accept orders during lunches and after school on certain scheduled days. 

If you have questions about your order they can be reached at: 574.583.3420 from 8:00am - 4:00pm EST or via their website: 

Cap and Gown Packages:
CLICK HERE if you want to go direct to the page with just cap and gown packages.

Announcements, Class Rings and Photo Products:
CLICK HERE if you want to explore Herff-Jones' entire catalog of graduation products including class rings, printed announcement and photo products.