Athletics Department Website:
To see more detailed information on our athletic programs and schedules please link to their website at:  CLICK HERE to go to the Athletics site.  

Athletics Registration for Sports:
1) Online Registration:
ALL sports registration is now done online at the athletic department's website. Once on that website, look for a link labeled 'Athletic Registration' at the top right. Hover over the link and a 'register here' menu appears.  Click on that link to go to the FamilyID website to fill out all the needed online forms....
OR, CLICK HERE to link to the FamilyID website directly. 

2) Physical Required:
A physical by your doctor is required to participate in any sport. The completed physical form and insurance money gets turned into the Athletic Office but everything else is done online. CLICK HERE to get the physical form to take to your doctor. 

3) Vaccines:
All students must have their vaccines up to date as well and provide an updated immunization record to the school nurse. If vaccines are not update within 20 days of starting school, you'll receive a letter notifying you of the possibility of your student(s) be excluded from school until they have been updated. CLICK HERE for more detailed information. 

Eagle Gear Apparel for Sale:
Eagle Gear apparel is sold at all home football games and at various times throughout the year in school typically in the cafeteria.  It can also be purchased at any time by visiting the Athletic Office at school. 

Eagle gear will also be sold at the 'Back to School Day', orientation and open houses.  

Selection typically includes: hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants etc. 

Live Streaming of Football & Basketball Games:  
Our football games are broadcast live via the internet on  
Only your zip code is needed to start streaming the games.  The other information requested is optional. There is a slight broadcast delay so it makes for a great personal 'instant reply' on your smartphone if you're at the game too.
John Adams Parent Group,
Jul 20, 2017, 4:19 PM