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Procedures for Compliments, Concerns and Questions

1) Parents/guardians should communicate directly with the person in question.
2) Still need help? Parents/guardians should communicate with that person's immediate supervisor or their child's assistant principal and try to resolve the issue at that level.
3) Still need help? Mrs. Reese, the John Adams principal, is happy to listen to the issue at hand.

Email is often the easiest way to reach John Adams High School staff and faculty. See the JAHS Personnel email list.
Note: Parents may copy Mrs. Reese on ALL correspondence if they wish.

Phone messages for teachers or other staff may be left by calling 283-7700 and asking to leave a message. Teachers/staff will call back within 24 hours.

Question/Problem for a coach:
Step 1. go to the coach
Step 2. go to the athletic director 
Step 3. go to the Principal or Assist Principal

Question/Problem for Mr/Ms Math Teacher:
Step 1. go to Mr/Ms Math Teacher
Step 2. go to your child's assistant principal 
Step 3. go to the Principal 

Question/Problem on your student's schedule:
Step 1. go to your child's guidance counselor 
Step 2. go to your child's assistant principal
Step 3. go to the Principal 

Parent Group's ombudsman role:
-Do you have a question that doesn't seem to fit the above procedures?
-Do you have a general compliment, concern or question that might be of interest to a wider group of parents?

Please email or copy your message to the parent group email: JohnAdamsParentGroup@gmail.com

We will try to help you find the correct person to resolve the issue or we will address the issue at the next parent group meeting if that is appropriate.