Why look further

My name is Jacqui Macquisten and I have been into health & fitness all my life and I have been helping people make lasting changes to their health for nearly 30 years. If you have a deep desire to improve your fitness, I can help you as well.

I believe that in the world of health & fitness you have to lead by example if you want others to make changes.

  My activities

In staying at the top of my sport for so many years, I have inspired many to make lasting and positive changes to their lives.  I believe I am able to do this as I maintain a balanced training program that covers many areas of activity.

My typical activities in a week are:-

Cross country running,  Concept 2 Rowing, Cycling, Octathalon, Kettlebell training, TRX suspension training, Circuits, Core/Strength & Conditioning, Zumba, Yoga - www.yogajax.co.uk

In addition to my 1:1 personal training, I teach Hatha Yoga, Spinning, Total Body Conditioning, Zumba , Circuit training and outdoor Bootcamps.

In my recent past I have been the UK Health Club Games Champion - 2 years running, the National Octathalon Champion - 4 years running. I have won cross country events, aerobic competitions and been on TV programs - Fort Boyard, Dragons Den, Total Wipeout, Sky Sports, Transworld Sport and Ninja Warrior.

More recently I have been a content provider for a great new book called 'Kettlebell Genesis'. I have also been involved in providing content for one of the biggest fitness websites in the World www.netfit.co.uk 

In addition to that I organised the sport of Octathalon. For more details please have a look at www.octathalon.com 

There is only one way I can do all of this along with bringing up my 2 sons and that is to have loads of energy and I believe that comes from being fit and training the right way for your body type. 

Everyone is different. Our body types differ, our metabolisms differ, our working life differs. This means that the  solution to everyones path to health & fitness differs.

I believe I am experienced enough to recognise these differences and to put together a fitness solution that is right for you.

Please Contact me if you would like me to help you on that journey as soon as possible.