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International Laboratory ADEPT 
(Active Deformation and Environment Programme for Taiwan)


The first planning committee meeting of the LIA was held in Villefranche-sur-Mer on 18-19 December 2007. All research groups of the French side were represented  (Géosciences Azur, Géosciences Montpellier, Cérège, LGIT and individuals). The Observatory of Villefranche hosted the meeting, organised by J. Angelier; B.-M. Jahn represented the Taiwan side. The supporting institutions were represented by the CNRS (DRI and INSU), the NSC (BRT), the University of Nice.

Another planning committee was held on the Taiwan side on 11 April 2008. All research groups of the Taiwan side were represented  (Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University, National Central University, National Taiwan Ocean University and individuals). The Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica, hosted the meeting, organised by B.-M. Jahn ; J. Angelier represented the French side.


Origin of the International Laboratory:

An International Laboratory (LIA) "Adept" was created in 2007, according to an idea proposed during a France-Taiwan colloquium held in Villefranche-sur-Mer in December 2004. As a preliminary step, an International Programme PICS had been in effect until 2007. The signature ceremony for the LIA took place in the CNRS headquarters in Paris in October 2007, during the visit of the NSC Vice-Minister. 

The aim of the LIA "Adept" is to gather Earth scientists from several major research institutions in France and Taiwan in order to analyse the active deformation and environmental hazard assessment in Taiwan. This International Laboratory is supported by the French CNRS (DRI and INSU) and the NSC of Taiwan. Exchanges of scientists and students are supported by the IFT in Taiwan and the BRT in France, and encouraged by the participating Universities. The scientists in charge of the LIA are Jacques Angelier assisted by Lionel Siame on the French side and Bor-Ming Jahn assisted by Jian-Cheng Lee on the Taiwan side. The scientists of the International Laboratory participate in various research programmes in tight co-operation. Concerning students' research work, strong preference is given to co-supervised MScs or PhDs conducted by laboratories on both sides.

 International meeting in the Oceanological Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer in December 2004. About 30 scientists from several Universities and Research Institutes of France and Taiwan participated in this meeting. This picture shows the introductory talk by Prof. Jean Aubouin, French Academy of Science. The idea of an International Laboratory was first set up during the subsequent discussions in this meeting.

Signature ceremony of the International Laboratory "Adept" in CNRS headquarters, Paris, October 8th, 2007. From right to left: Dr Dominique Le Quéau, Director of INSU (CNRS), Dr Hung-Duen Yang, Deputy-Minister of NSC, H.E. Dr Ching-Long Lu, Director of BRT in Paris.


List of participating research institutes (2007-2009):


Eight major scientific institutes participate in the project, from the following cities: Nice (Géosciences Azur), Montpellier (Géosciences Montpellier), Aix-en-Provence (Cérège) and Grenoble (LGIT) on the French side, Taipei-Nankang (Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia Sinica), Taipei (National Taiwan University), Keelung (National Taiwan Ocean University) and Chungli (National Central University) on the Taiwan side.

Some scientists also participate on an individual basis, coming from other Institutes including the Université Louis PasteurUniversité Antilles-GuyaneIfremer and Université Pierre-et-Marie Curie on the French side, the Central Geological Survey, National Cheng-Kung University, National Taipei University of Technology, Diwan College of Management, Chang Jung Christian University and National Chung Cheng University on the Taiwan side.



List of permanent researchers in the International Laboratory (2009):

Géosciences Azur (UMR 6526, Nice)
J. Angelier, N. Béthoux, F. Cappa, B. Delouis, S. Gaffet, Y. Guglielmi, J.-F. Stéphan

Individuals (France)
F. Bergerat, B. Deffontaines, F. Masson, Y. Mazabraud, J.-C. Sibuet

Géosciences Montpellier (UMR 5243)
R. Bayer, A. Chauvet, S. Dominguez, M. Jolivet, S. Lallemand, J. Malavielle, A. Taboada

Géophysique Interne & Tectonophysique (UMR 5559, Grenoble)
A.-M. Boullier, E. Chaljub, F. Cotton, M.-L. Doan, J.-P. Gratier, P. Guéguen, E. Pathier, C. Voisin

« Cérège » (UMR 6635, Aix-Marseille)
O. Bellier, L. Benedetti, D. Bourlès, R. Braucher, V. Godard, L. Siame

Institute of Earth Sciences (Academia Sinica, Taipei)
Y.-C. Chan, H.-Y. Chen, K.-C. Chen, R.-F. Chen, B.-S. Huang, B.-Y. Kuo, B.-M. Jahn, J.-C. Lee, T.-Q. Lee

Individuals (Taiwan)
K.-J. Chang, H.-T. Chu, H.-M. Hsieh, Y.-H. Lee, F.-C. Li, R.-J. Rau

National Taiwan University (NTU, Taipei)
T.-Y. Chang, J.-C. Hu, C.-S. Liu, C.-Y. Lu, S.-R. Song, E.-C. Yeh

National Central University (NCU, Chungli)
C.-P. Chang, J.-J. Dong, S.-K. Hsu, J.-H. Hung, C.-T. Lee, K.-F. Ma

National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU, Keelung)
Y.-L. Huang, C.-S. Lee, T.-K. Wang


(Chihshang Scientific Drilling Project)


     Among various common tasks, a site for pluridisciplinary analysis of active faulting is being developed along the active suture of the Longitudinal Valley Fault between the Philippine Sea plate and Eurasia in Chihshang, eastern Taiwan. It includes a drilling site in the Chinyuan Village, with shallow boreholes crossing the active Chihshang Fault that is subject to permanent creeping and large earthquakes (see also the Section "Seismic cycle, eastern Taiwan" in page Taiwan). Geological mapping, drill-core analysis, ground-radar penetrating profiling and shallow seismic reflection surveys have been done at and around this site. Hydraulic experiments (including pumping and injection operations as well as permanent water level monitoring), geodetic surveys, seismological monitoring, gas analyses, creepmeter monitoring, electric resistivity profiling, ground penetrating radar profiling, tilting, displacement and deformation measurements at various scales are being done in this site. The main purpose is to better understand the mechanical and kinematic behaviour of an active fault, and to detect signals that reflect the seep-seated tectonic activity of the fault, with particular interest to potential precursors of fault motion. 



Academic agreements 
(between Universities in France and Taiwan)


International agreements were established between scientific institutions in France and Taiwan. The University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis has established agreements with six Universities in Taiwan. The pictures below show signature ceremonies in Taiwan, November 2005.

Signatures of academic agreements between the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (president Albert Marouani, with beard) and six Universities of Taiwan. From top to bottom: (1-2) National Taiwan University (Taipei, with President Lee Si-Chen on right) and National University of Tainan [Teaching1] [Teaching2] [teachingPPT] [teachingHTML] (Tainan, with President Hwang Jeng-Jye on left). (3-4) National Central University (Chungli, with President Liu Chuan-Sheng on left) and National Taiwan Ocean University [Agreement] (Keelung, with President Hwang Robert R. on right). (5-6) National Chung Cheng University (Chiayi, with President Luo Ren-C. on left) and Chang-Jung Christian University (Tainan, with President Chen Chin-Seng on right).

Teaching and conferences 
     An exchange teaching programme developed in 2008 in the National Central University (NCU, Chungli,, with J. Angelier as K.T. Lee Chair Professor. The first courses were given on April and June 2008 (programme for 2008, summary 2008) and in November 2008.
     A conference was also held on April 15, 2008 in Chang-Jung Christian University (CJCU, Tainan), by J. Angelier as Scientific Counselor of CJCU since 2005.
    The "Association Franco-Taiwanaise des Echanges Académiques" ( held a meeting in Taipei on Nov. 16, 2008. 
     J. Angelier's conference, Nov. 26, 2008 in National Hualien University of Education (Hualien): "Importance of Eastern Taiwan for research in Earth Sciences and natural hazard mitigation".
     Popularization in French: J. Angelier, 2008, "Taiwan: une terre de séismes et une coopération exemplaire". Monde Chinois, Choiseul Editions, Paris, n°12 & 13, p. 211-218.

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