Basin and Range Extension, USA

Jacques Angelier

Keywords: inversion, stress, paleostress, trajectory, extension, displacement, kinematics, dynamics, tensor, slip, fault, tilting, stretching, tectonics, seismotectonics, plate tectonics, lithosphere, Fortran, mapping, cross-section, brittle structures, field work, geology, data base, multiphase, right dihedra, continent, North America, USA, basin, range, coefficient of extension

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Model of extension and thinning based on observations from the Basin-and-Range province and other regions, giving the coefficient of extension as a function of block tilting. Source: ANGELIER J. and COLLETTA B. (1983). - Tension fractures and extensional tectonics. Nature, 301, 5895, p. 49-51, 3 fig. More detail in: ANGELIER J., FAUGERE E., MICHEL-NOEL G. et ANDERSON R.E. (1987). - Bassins en extension et tectonique synsédimentaire. Exemples dans les "Basin and Range" (U.S.A.). Notes et Mémoires Total-C.F.P., n°21, p. 51-72, 17 fig., 1 pl. phot.