Nothing You Can Possess

                                                        by Jacqueline S. Homan    


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." ~ Voltaire

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Response to a British American Class Bigot - Stephen Fowler


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The "line" appearing to come from the sun above the tree tops next to my house is a chemtrail.  

Chemtrails differ from ordinary airplane contrails.  Contrails are water vapor which rapidly dissipates. Chemtrails are toxic cocktails sprayed by airplanes specifically outfitted for the purpose of spraying chemicals and aerosolized metallic dust. The insoluble particulates of aluminum oxide do not dissipate or vaporize; nor do  the oxides of other metals sprayed deliberately in the stratosphere via application of the "Welsbach Stratospheric Seeding Method For Reduction in Global Warming" (US Patent #5003186).

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Chemtrail pics taken from my back yard in Erie, PA on Columbus Day 10/12/2008:



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The True Face of Christianity and the "Pro-Life" Movement

by Jacqueline S. Homan

Why is it that it takes TWO to have sex, but only women are seen as undeserving whores who need to be punished with forced birth if an unwanted pregnancy results? Making men step up to the plate with miserly child support payments doesn’t begin to compensate for all of the negative permanent changes that pregnancy and birth does to women’s bodies, and that is IF she survives the ordeal.

Although pregnancy and birth are natural, they are medical conditions that do not occur without risk or without drastic permanent changes to women’s bodies and lives. Pregnancy and birth pose serious risks to women’s health and lives. Even with modern medical science and technology, women still suffer permanent maiming and disabling conditions as a result of pregnancy and birth.
Women still die from complications in pregnancy and birth. So even if the co-conceiver actually pays his child support obligation every month for 18 years, it is not a lifelong consequence with a litany of physical problems to which he is sentenced to suffer for the rest of his life as punishment for having sex.

While some pregnancies are riskier than others, all of them have the chance of life-threatening complications. I don't know how people can support forcing someone else to endure something that threatens their health and will alter their body permanently.

Here is a list of all the permanent and often irreversible changes to a woman’s body and life caused by pregnancy and birth which really makes the shot-gun wedding or the 18 years of monthly child support checks, and inadequate and meager temporary welfare benefits look like a cheap kiss-off:

Possible effect of pregnancy include:

Normal, frequent or expectable temporary side effects of pregnancy:
exhaustion (weariness common from first weeks)
altered appetite and senses of taste and smell
nausea and vomiting (50% of women, first trimester)
heartburn and indigestion
weight gain
dizziness and light-headedness
bloating, swelling, fluid retention
abdominal cramps
yeast infections
congested, bloody nose
acne and mild skin disorders
skin discoloration (chloasma, face and abdomen)
mild to severe backache and strain
increased headaches
difficulty sleeping, and discomfort while sleeping
increased urination and incontinence
bleeding gums
breast pain and discharge
swelling of joints, leg cramps, joint pain
difficulty sitting, standing in later pregnancy
inability to take regular medications
shortness of breath
higher blood pressure
hair loss
tendency to anemia
curtailment of ability to participate in some sports and activities
infection including from serious and potentially fatal disease
(pregnant women are immune suppressed compared with non-pregnant women, and
are more susceptible to fungal and certain other diseases)
extreme pain on delivery
hormonal mood changes, including normal post-partum depression
continued post-partum exhaustion and recovery period (exacerbated if a c-section -- major surgery -- is required, sometimes
taking up to a full year to fully recover)

Normal, expectable, or frequent PERMANENT side effects of pregnancy:
stretch marks (worse in younger women)
loose skin
permanent weight gain or redistribution
abdominal and vaginal muscle weakness
pelvic floor disorder (occurring in as many as 35% of middle-aged former child-bearers and 50% of elderly former child-bearers, associated with urinary and rectal incontinence, discomfort and reduced quality of life)
changes to breasts
varicose veins
scarring from episiotomy or c-section
other permanent aesthetic changes to the body (all of these are downplayed by women, because the culture values youth and beauty)
increased proclivity for hemorrhoids
loss of dental and bone calcium (cavities and osteoporosis)

Occasional complications and side effects:
spousal/partner abuse
hyperemesis gravidarum
temporary and permanent injury to back
severe scarring requiring later surgery (especially after additional pregnancies)
dropped (prolapsed) uterus (especially after additional pregnancies, and other pelvic floor weaknesses -- 11% of women, including cystocele, rectocele, and enterocele)
pre-eclampsia (edema and hypertension, the most common complication of pregnancy, associated with eclampsia, and affecting 7 - 10% of pregnancies)
eclampsia (convulsions, coma during pregnancy or labor, high risk of death)
gestational diabetes
placenta previa
anemia (which can be life-threatening)
thrombocytopenic purpura
severe cramping
embolism (blood clots)
medical disability requiring full bed rest (frequently ordered during part of many pregnancies varying from days to months for health of either mother or baby)
diastasis recti, also torn abdominal muscles
mitral valve stenosis (most common cardiac complication)
serious infection and disease (e.g. increased risk of tuberculosis)
hormonal imbalance
ectopic pregnancy (risk of death)
broken bones (ribcage, "tail bone")
hemorrhage and
numerous other complications of delivery
refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease
aggravation of pre-pregnancy diseases and conditions (e.g. epilepsy is present in .5% of pregnant women, and the pregnancy alters drug metabolism and treatment prospects all the while it increases the number and frequency of seizures)
severe post-partum depression and psychosis suppressed immune system

**research now indicates a possible link between ovarian cancer and female fertility treatments, including "egg harvesting" from infertile women and donors
research also now indicates correlations between lower breast cancer survival rates and proximity in time to onset of cancer of last pregnancy
research also indicates a correlation between having six or more pregnancies and a risk of coronary and cardiovascular disease**

Less common (but serious) complications:
peripartum cardiomyopathy
cardiopulmonary arrest
magnesium toxicity
severe hypoxemia/acidosis
massive embolism
increased intracranial pressure, brainstem infarction
molar pregnancy, gestational trophoblastic disease (like a pregnancy-induced cancer)
malignant arrhythmia
circulatory collapse
placental abruption
*obstetric fistula (causing fecal or urine or both to pass through the woman’s vagina due to tissue damage to the area separating the rectum and the bladder from the uterus and vagina. *Fistulas are not always able to
be corrected with surgery.)

More permanent side effects:
future infertility
permanent disability

[Medical Data courtesy of research conducted by A|N member Becky Garcia]

There is no way anyone who claims to be “moral” and value human life can justify forcing women to suffer any of these permanent consequences of pregnancy and birth against their will. None.

You cannot realistically be “pro-life” if you hold a higher regard for a fetus than the woman whose life you want to jeopardize, and whose body and health you want to condemn with a life sentence of lifelong physically miserable results — and that is provided she even survives the pregnancy and birth process. And these are just the physical risks and results. That does not include the extreme emotional trauma that accompanies those physical results when those conditions were FORCED upon the
woman against her will. [Does the case of Andrea Yates ring a bell?]

The more “moderate” anti-woman/pro-punishment crowd who are willing to make allowances for abortion in the case of rape are of the mindset that the rape victim should be allowed to get emergency contraceptives (Plan B) or even an abortion because the rape victim didn’t deserve to be punished with pregnancy.

However conservative Christians, such as the Roman Catholic Church, are of the mindset that even the rape victim deserves this punishment of forced birth for somehow causing the rape, for being too free and careless with her body. Rape is the ONLY crime where the victim is put on trial and made into the criminal; expected to take
responsibility for the perpetrator’s actions.

But women who get pregnant as a result of contraceptive failure, or from lack of access to available birth control (plus an over-abundance of male selfishness) are expected to suffer the sentence of extreme pain and permanent changes to her life and body caused by pregnancy and birth because if she’s not forced to suffer these consequences against her will, she’s somehow getting away with something. And that ‘something’ is embracing her sexuality and having sex for the same reasons men do: a natural human need and desire for pleasure.

And where did this idea of men being more deserving than women when it comes to sex originate from? It comes from the Bible — a misogynist and racist hate rag that is really a menagerie of Bronze Age myths flavored with Roman imperialist paternalism.

It is full of more holes than Swiss cheese that hasn’t been proven to be an absolute truth anymore than mermaids, fairies, Santa Clause, or unicorns. It is the greatest bullshit story ever told that has been used to justify abuse, cruelty and oppression of women; an excuse for genocide, as license to invade and pillage other nations, and as license for men to brutally impose their will on women’s bodies and lives as punishment just for being women. It is social control with legitimized torture and cruelty cloaked in the questionable respectability of “divine providence.”

For all the rhetoric about valuing babies and life, “pro-lifers” have demonstrated time after time that they don’t give a damn about life. They certainly don’t care about the woman’s life. Their real agenda is about punishing women for having sex and maintaining a male-dominated family and a male-dominated society. They’re not even pro-life for the fetus if it’s host is a poor woman in need of financial support, good food, and good prenatal care. And if that fetus dies in utero but fails to expel, thus threatening the life if its host, the pregnant woman, these misogynist zealots claim that the doctor removing that dead fetus is performing a “partial birth abortion” or a “late term abortion.” They only pretend to be pro-life.

A 2007 WHO report proves what feminists and pro-choice advocates have been saying all along: criminalizing abortion will not end it. It only makes it far more dangerous and costs far more lives. The nations with the highest abortion rates are those with the most restrictive legal and medical access to abortion, and even to contraceptives. 13% of pregnancy and childbirth related deaths globally are caused by unsafe illegal abortions. Since illegal abortion makes women criminals, women are terrified to go to the hospital after a botched abortion attempt for fear of legal reprisal.

Doctors face even higher penalties for performing abortions than the women getting them in places where abortion is outlawed and regularly refuse to treat a woman who is hemorrhaging for any reason because they don’t want to be face criminal charges of performing an illegal abortion. As a result, women are dying from treatable conditions — women like Maria de Jesus Gonzalez of Nicaragua, a Catholic nation where abortion is not legal under ANY circumstances at all whatsoever.

Maria de Jesus Gonzalez was a 28 yr old poor single mother who was denied a medical abortion which she needed to save her life. She had an ectopic pregnancy where the zygote was lodged inside of her fallopian tube. Not getting an abortion and leaving the fetus to grow and rupture her fallopian tube would cause her and the fetus to die. But being forced to go seek clandestine help from a back alley abortionist instead caused both Maria and the fetus to die. Either way, no one’s life was saved. Maria’s first child is now an orphan.

Mainstream “pro-life” groups are opposed to contraceptives as well as abortion. They’re just quieter about contraception (except for Plan B) because they know it outs them as hypocrites and liars who place ideology over human life. They promote “abstinence only” sex ed. They paint a false, rosy picture of pregnancy and birth, ignoring the very real risks and health complications of pregnancy and birth.

Most “moderate” pro-lifers understand that full sex education and better access to affordable, reliable and effective contraceptives are the most effective ways to limit or prevent abortion. But those self-identified pro-lifers need to recognize what their
leaders in pro-life organizations promote and what their movement stands for. The leaders of pro-life groups have been unresponsive to the dead bodies in their wake, while they work tirelessly to spread laws and policies affecting women’s health and lives (like in Nicaragua) far and wide.

They have been chipping away at abortion to get it outlawed here in the US, under any circumstances; while their well-heeled lobby is putting legislators in office who have de-funded access to effective contraceptives, and stonewalled the opening of women’s healthcare clinics such as Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois.

These same “pro-lifers” are the base of the Republican Party which has eliminated welfare support for poor women and children with the 1996 Welfare Reform Act. They consistently oppose subsidized healthcare for poor uninsured women and children. Their real agenda has never been about protecting the “sanctity of human life” because their actions are contrary. And actions speak louder than words. Their message is clear:           Women are just collateral damage in their ideological Culture War, and our right to life is negotiable.

The “pro-life” agenda has nothing to do with babies. It has everything to do with getting women back under control and in their place where they belong. Pro-lifers don’t give a crap about women’s health; we can die in a back alley so long as we’re punished for any transgression dreamed up by the conservative “pro-life” Religious Wrong. And that transgression is “getting away with” having sex.

Their inflammatory propaganda about “partial birth” abortions and “late term” abortions are lies used to whip up a frenzy against the “murder” of viable fetuses. In reality, these fetuses either have already died or are not able to survive birth anyway. The fetuses that have died inside the uterus that were not expelled threatened the mother’s life since this decomposing fetal tissue causes fatal, toxic sepsis unless it is promptly removed. But “pro-lifers” don’t care if mothers die. All these Christian control freaks are out for is to control everyone else with an iron fist and to deliberately hurt women to punish them just for being women.

In the 1800's when chloroform was introduced to the US to help ease the excruciating pain of childbirth for women, it was woman-hating Christian zealots who fought against it's permitted use on the grounds that easing women's childbirth pain was contrary to God's will. They cited the book of Genesis where God punishes women with the curse of pain in childbirth for bringing "sin" into the world, and stating that women's only salvation is in childbirth. Anyone aho argued that it was inhumane and barbaric to deny women pain relief in childbirth was prosecuted for being an atheist and jailed because atheism was a criminally punishable offense back then.

Without modern high-tech medicine, pregnancy and childbirth kills 1 in 5 women. And even with it, pregnant women and women giving birth STILL die anyway. And many women who survive pregnancy and birth are permanently maimed from it.

Ever wonder why all those chirpy ads for Depends adult diapers target women? It’s because childbirth-related bladder and bowel tears leave 30% - 50% of all US moms permanently incontinent.

Forcing women to risk early death and permanent disability due to childbirth benefits playboys and pedophiles by guaranteeing the merry widowers fresh trophy wives and pedophiles plenty of abandoned or orphaned children. Pro-lifers leave no “pious” playboys or pedophiles behind.

These same pro-lifers who attempt to rationalize their desire to inflict cruelty and punishment on women for having sex are the same folks that place no restrictions on Viagra. Pro-lifers who use fetuses instead of fists to maim or kill women deserve the Scott Peterson Award for misogyny.


Failed Impoundments, Poisoned Drinking Water, and Poverty is the Price of Don Blankenship's Wealth 

“Anywhere you go, low cost electricity, the creation of energy, of jobs, of an economy, ultimately leads to an improvement in the environment. There is no place in the world that has a good environment where people live on two dollars a day with no electricity.” – Don Blankenship, Massey Energy CEO and President, in defense of mountaintop removal.

Apparently Don Blankenship didn’t get the memo: millions of poor Americans have to live like that right here in our own backyard. Over 16 million American households are without gas or electricity (or both) because their services were shut off after they’ve been priced out by skyrocketing utility companies’ rates. In northwestern Pennsylvania where I live, low-income electric utility customers are forced to pay an average of $175/mo for their electricity alone. Residential utility rates jumped by 41% in 2005 after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ravaged the Gulf Coast. But the average person's income did not increase proportionately to withstand these unaffordable rates. Pennsylvania’s governor Ed Rendell signed Act 201 into law in November of 2004 allowing utility companies to shut off poor people for inability to pay, even in the dead of winter. Having your gas or electric shut off in the winter is a death sentence in Pennsylvania. And there isn’t “all this help out there” for the needy that people think there is. 

So who is benefiting from this “cheap electricity”? It sure as hell isn’t America’s poor who’ve been priced out and had their utilities shut off.

Every American would certainly benefit from free/low-cost electricity, such as that derived from hydrogen proton membrane exchange fuel cell technology, solar and wind.

Don Blankenship also confuses the definition of free market capitalism with feudalism. Feudalism exists when a small handful of  wealthy elites band together to keep other industries out of a region, which keeps out more good jobs for people – thus artificially creating an inflated and permanent underclass. This tactic has worked for greedy corporate interests to maintain a docile few middle class people.  It whips them into complacency with an unjust status quo and a blind obedience to the agenda of the sociopathic elite. Rich men like Blankenship are nothing but social parasites that obtained their wealth and power by creating poverty and despair by design – on top of the ecological destruction left in their wake.

In a true free market, Americans would not be artificially held in debt peonage to utility monopolies and oil, natural gas, and coal cartels. In a true free market, Bruce DePalma’s “N-Machine” - device that produces free electricity - would have reached the mass market. Freedom from unaffordable utility rates would have lifted most of America’s poor out of poverty and fostered healthy and ecologically responsible economic growth in communities across the nation. But Bruce DePalma died under very suspicious circumstances within days before his N-Machine was ready for mass production with patents pending.

Don Blankenship holds himself up as a nice guy who gives out two toys and a turkey to select poor families in Mingo County, WV and Pike County, KY at Christmas. He calls this highly publicized $200,000 annual charity a “Christmas Extravaganza.” Blankenship was quoted as to having said he “wished there wasn’t a need for it, but there is.”

If Blankenship truly wished there wasn’t a pressing need to alleviate poverty in the southern coalfields of Appalachia’s poorest counties, he would not have helped to create that poverty to begin with by using his economic muscle to keep other businesses and industry out (thus keeping out jobs) and he would not have rendered hundreds of acres of properties uninhabitable and unusable that cannot be fully restored for a cost that runs into the tens of millions of dollars. His charity is nothing more than a high profile publicity stunt to make him look like he’s such a nice guy.

But this same “nice guy” thought nothing of verbally and physically abusing his former personal maid, Deborah K. May, whom he paid a paltry $16,000 a year (with no health and dental benefits).  May was forced to quit her job due to the abuse she suffered at his hands after which Blankenship then tried to have her unemployment benefits denied on the grounds that she “voluntarily quit.” Maybe Blankenship really thinks he is being a nice guy. But “nice” compared to whom? The Burmese military? Idi Amin? Pol Pot? Foday Sankoh, the Taliban?  

Massey Energy, under the direction and leadership of this “nice guy”, has poisoned the well water in communities throughout Logan, Boone, Mingo, and McDowell counties in West Virginia due to coal waste seepage into the groundwater. The majority of the citizens there cannot afford the luxury of bottled water; they’re hard pressed to put their next meal on the table. In areas such as Prenter, the well water is so contaminated that skin contact is inadvisable. But the people cannot afford to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking, let alone bathing and washing clothes. Blankenship bought off the West Virginia legal system to lawyer Massey’s way out of having to recompense West Virginians that have suffered because their soil and water supply was contaminated, rendering their property worthless and their health irreparably damaged.  He thinks couple of toys and a turkey on Christmas is sufficient for giving back to the communities that his company has destroyed for the sake of wealth-grabbing and bleeding West Virginians dry. What a good Samaritan! (NOT!).

No one has a Constitutional right to get filthy rich at the expense of permanently destroying the natural resources of an entire region along with the lives of those who dwell there by ruining the drinking water and the soil so that food can’t be grown.

The toxic cocktail of heavy metals and chemicals in the coal slurry has been directly linked to abnormally high rates of birth defects, physical deformities, and developmental disabilities in children, diseases, cancer, and premature disability and death rates in Mingo County – the poorest county in the entire United States. Coincidently, Mingo County has a poverty rate close to 30% and has borne the brunt of the most mountaintop removal activity.

Mountaintop removal has not created good jobs – it has eliminated many good jobs and created an environmental disaster that makes the Exxon-Valdez fiasco look like small potatoes. Once mountains are blown up, they don’t grow back. The entire ecosystem of the eastern and southern United States is at peril if the “Mountain State” is turned into one big desolate and contaminated “Moonscape State”.  America's "homegrown" poor from Detroit to Appalachia are living like those in 3rd World nations because of not having clean safe water or other life-sustaining utilities – forget the cheap electricity.

Jacqueline S. Homan,

Author: "Nothing You Can Possess" ,                            "Classism For Dimwits" ,     and                               "Eyes of a Monster"    



"Nothing You Can Possess"

by Jacqueline S. Homan

The following is an excerpt from "Nothing You Can Possess" and is copyrighted material. The author does not grant permission for  reproduction or reprinting, in whole or in part:

"The world's richest and most powerful 130 families only need a global total of 500,000 peons to be kept alive to serve them as slaves in their New World Order utopia. There are plans openly discussed about UN troops being deployed here on American soil in the event of a state of emergency. The government medical intelligentsia has openly called for culling the US population by deliberate withholding of lifesaving medical care from those it deems "unworthy"; the old and the disabled. What do you think their plan is for the majority of 300 million Americans? The corporatocracy and the government they control, which in turn controls you, doesn't care about you. If you think you'll be spared, you're an idiot who ought to be arrested for possession of brains with intent to use."

(Jacqueline S. Homan, "Nothing You Can Possess", pp. 407) copyright 2008. All rights reserved.


STOP No-Bid Contracts and End Corporate Welfare Now!

 If you really care about our troops in Iraq, then ask your Congresscritters why the health of our troops is being sacrificed for Haliburton/KBR profits - on YOUR tax dollars!!!!  

 Hooters a Sacrament; Nursing Moms a Sacrilege

<---If a pair of these are good enough to be seen in advertizements to sell crap like this-->

Then  breasts are good enough to be seen in public  doing this:


In an age of being inundated with all things sexual, constantly bombarded with images of practically naked girls in thong bikinis leaving nothing to the imagination at almost every beach, swimming pool, and water park; it is breastfeeding mothers who are criminalized and discriminated against.

Nursing moms and their babies are being unlawfully ejected from public places where women and children normally have every right to be.

The  shrills who harass and abuse nursing moms in public claim that these moms are being "indecent" and shouldn't be seen. However, a nursing mom that looks like Angelina Jolie is not "indecent" according to these hypocrites.

They have threatened, bullied, shamed, humiliated, and coerced breastfeeding mothers (and their infants) into filthy toilet stalls, back allies, and cars - regardless of sweltering heat or bitter cold. Women discreetly nursing have been ejected off of airlines and evicted from restaurants by these sanctimonious asshats.

The irony is that these same "morally upright" people dictating control over mothers and babies concerning public breastfeeding are usually the same ones who are "pro-life" neocons.  They have successfully gotten laws passed making obtaining contraceptives more difficult for women who seek to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Pharmacists can legally refuse to fill a prescription for Plan B for rape victims, as well as the Pill - based on  religious and moral conviction.

But they're not really pro-life. They're pro-forced birth and they're anti-woman. Their position subordinates the human rights and civil liberties of women to fetuses. Under no other circumstance is any person forced by law to be a walking life support system for another human; for another human to live off of their bodily organs for 9 months. A parent cannot be legally forced to donate bone marrow or kidneys to already-born children - even in a life or death situation. A woman's uterus is no different. It is a part of her body.

But when a poor  woman wants to donate her uterus to a fertilized egg, give birth, become a mother and provide the best means of nourishment for her baby after it's born;  they not only want to deny her the right to publicly breastfeed, they also want to forcibly sterilize her if she's poor and unmarried so she doesn't have anymore babies.

Apparently, poor women don't deserve the right to  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the form of support for their right to choose.  That's a social class privilege reserved for the wealthy.

These nimrods  want to restrict how, where, and when all mothers can feed their babies by denying the civil liberties of all nursing mothers. They're not satisfied with controlling women's wombs, they want to control women's breasts, too.  They want to force all pregnant women to give birth, even if the woman conceived from rape.

When personal autonomy and control of women's bodies, in whole or in part, is taken away from women, that's slavery: it's taking ownership of the bodies and free choices of other people. All of this is couched in the name of morality, decency, and "class."

But none of these  mother-bashers utter a Puritanical peep  when images of women's breasts and scantily clad teenaged bodies are pimped out by "Big Media" and their corporate sponsors to sell everything from aspartame-laden beverages to sports cars, and from genetically engineered "diet" food to blockbuster movies to Viagra to high tech toys. "Big Media" profits handsomely off of steamy sex scenes in movies and in "reality TV" shows.

Women are only worthy and deserving of jobs, of love, and of social acceptance if we're "eye candy" for the benefit of male gaze and profit; but too much of an "eye sore" to be seen if we're pregnant, if we're overweight, if we're average-looking, if we're old, or if we're nursing mothers. 

Any woman who fails, for whatever reason, to conform to society's fraudulent standard of beauty of being a 20-something size zero Barbie doll doesn't even deserve to be allowed to participate fully in society according to these anti-woman, anti-baby, and anti-freedom elitists - only thin, young, non-pregnant and "pretty" women deserve to be seen in public and in the workplace. The message behind this double standard is crystal clear: In our class-stratified society,  wealthy powerful corporate interests perpetuate  hate against women, hate for families, and hate for all realistic facets of womanhood that fall outside the realm of  the fraudulent standard of beauty. Affluent men view women as status possessions whose only purpose and real value is if we can be shown off as "trophies."

Elitist men with mommy issues have a retinue of Barbie Doll trophy wives agreeing with them, thus helping to perpetuate the status quo. The Barbies' mentality is not far removed from that of the "house Negro" in the antebellum South - the "Massa" has been good to them. The rest of us are just "uppity no-account bitches", written off as "trailer trash" who need to be kept "in our place." Where's Gloria Steinhem when we need her?  



Another Fine Mess (see below)....

The picture you are looking at is that of PA Hwy 61 North leading into Centralia. Subsidence from the heat of a raging 46 year old subterranean mine fire forced the closure and rerouting of this state highway in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. Please check out the interesting story about how the government let 3,700 acres of fossil fuel go up in smoke - literally. Read the facts about the disaster in Centralia, PA here. This one more way in which the government has failed to protect the public interests. If we cannot trust the government with this disaster, why should we trust that our best interests will be served by Real ID?

How can we trust Congress to act in good faith when history shows they've abused their plenary power in dealing with the original Americans? The judiciary also has a history that is murky.

Does the case Buck v. Bell ring a bell?

If the cases against human rights activists such as Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier are highly circumspect, do you really think YOUR rights won't be next on the chopping block?

When's the last time government leaders admitted that they were wrong and rectified their errors in any meaningful and adequate way? Toxic Superfund sites, contaminated ground and drinking water, destroyed natural resources caused by subterranean mine fires that all occurred because powerful corporate interests come before people's basic human rights is NOT progress and NOT "civilized." 



"That's NOT my tinfoil hat - it's my bullshit detection unit." ~ Jacqueline S. Homan





My name is Jacqueline Sarah Homan and I approve  this message.