Jacopo Bonan


Politecnico di Milano

Via Lambruschini, 4B Milan, Italy

European Institute on Economics and the Environment

@BASE - via Bergognone 34, 20144, Milan, Italy




Curriculum Vitae

I am Assistant Professor (RTD-a) at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano, Affiliated Scientist at the RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment (EIEE) and Fellow at Centro Studi Luca D'Agliano (LdA)

My research focuses on development and behavioural economics with an emphasis on impact evaluation in the fields of energy, environment, global health and agriculture.

Selected Publications

Bonan, J., C.Cattaneo, G.D'Adda and M.Tavoni, (2021) "Can social information programs be more effective? The role of environmental identity for energy conservation", Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 108, pdf

Bonan, J., P.Battiston, J.Bleck, P.LeMay-Boucher, S.Pareglio, B.Sarr and M.Tavoni (2021) "Social Interaction and Technology Adoption: Experimental Evidence from Improved Cookstoves in Mali", World Development, 144, pdf

Bonan, J., C.Cattaneo, G.D'Adda and M.Tavoni (2020) "The interaction of descriptive and injunctive social norms in promoting energy conservation", Nature Energy 5(11): 900-909, pdf

Bonan, J., K. McNabb, P.LeMay-Boucher and Tomavo C.C. (2019) “Time preferences and commitment devices: evidence from ROSCAs and funeral groups in Benin ", Oxford Development Studies, 47(3): 356-372, pdf

Bonan, J. and Pagani, L. (2018) "Junior Farmer Field Schools, Agricultural Knowledge and Spillover Effects: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda", Journal of Development Studies, 54(11): 2007-2022, pdf.

Bonan, J., Pareglio, S. and Tavoni M. (2017) "Access to Modern Energy: a Review of Barriers, Drivers and Impacts" Environment and Development Economics, 22(5): 491-516, pdf

Bonan, J., P.LeMay-Boucher, O.Dagnelie and M.Tenikue (2017) “The Impact of Insurance Literacy and Marketing Treatments on the Demand for Health Microinsurance in Senegal: A Randomized Evaluation”, Journal of African Economies, 26(2): 169-191, pdf

Selected Working Papers

"Can Hypothetical Time Discounting Rates Help Predict Actual and Incentivised Behaviour: Evidence from Senegal.", with D.Scott and P.LeMay-Boucher, 2021, R&R at World Development

"Agricultural Transformation and Farmers' Expectations: Experimental Evidence from Uganda", with M.Mendola and H.Kazianga, 2021, submitted, pdf

"Nudging Payment Behaviour: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Pay-as-You-Go Off-Grid Electricity" with G.d'Adda, M.Mahmud, and F.Said, 2021, submitted, pdf