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About Me

My name is Jacob Silvia, and I am an author, programmer, and software configuration management analyst looking for a new and exciting direction in which to take my life. I'm married to the most wonderful woman in the world, Amber, and am the father of the most wonderful daughter in the world. I had two cats, Jessica (sadly departed) and Pequod. We all live in the Cleveland area. My Google Profile may be found here. From there, you may contact me.


When I'm not working with computers, I'm working on my writing. I typically write speculative fiction, but sometimes write nonfiction pertaining to topics that interest me.


Part of being a writer is also being a reader. In 2007 (and retroactively for 2006), I decided to start participating in a Read 50 Books in a Year challenge. I set my own goal for at least 52.


I am working on a few personal Projects of varying difficulty. For a collection of some simple tools I've written, please go to my Code page. Otherwise, go to the corresponding project page for the tool.


To discuss this page and its content, please use the forum.


I always want to hear back from my site visitors. Please don't be shy! Let me know what I can do to improve my site.