Ph.D. JILA/NIST-Colorado (2017)


M.S. University of Colorado (2013)


B.S. University of Wisconsin (2011)

Engineering Physics (Nano-Engineering focus)



Research positions

2017 – present: Richard Chace Tolman Prize Postdoc, Manuel Endres and Oskar Painter groups, California Institute of Technology

Experimental work on alkaline-earth atoms in tweezer arrays; Rydberg atoms and ions in tweezers. Theory work on Rydberg-mediated electron transfer between atoms in tweezers; Hybrid systems with alkaline-earth(-like) atoms in tweezers and silicon nanophotonic cavities or superconducting microwave cavities for quantum communication or transduction.

2011 – 2017: PhD, Jun Ye and Deborah Jin groups, JILA/NIST-CU

Ultracold polar fermionic KRb molecules; Low entropy quantum gas of dipolar molecules, spin-exchange interactions, many body effects in polar molecules, observation of a continuous quantum Zeno mechanism, a new apparatus for high resolution optical addressing and detection of polar molecules in an optical lattice; A degenerate Fermi gas of polar molecules.

PhD thesis: “Enhanced optical and electric manipulation of a quantum gas of KRb molecules”

2010 – 2011: BS, Trujillo group, Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin

Mathematical and computational hydrodynamics; Analytical study of departure from passive particle advection in local Lagrangian flows; Numerical evaluation of the spectrum of the velocity gradient tensor in experimental flowfields from combustion data.

Engine Research Center thesis title: “Departure from passive particle advection”

2008 – 2011: BS, Saffman group, Dept. of Physics, Univ of Wisconsin

Quantum optics and quantum information with Rydberg atoms; The development of a magneto-optical trap of the lanthanide element holmium for use in collectively encoding quantum information within its 128 hyperfine ground states.

BS thesis title: “Towards collectively encoding quantum information in cold holmium atoms”

2008: BS, Ediger group, Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Wisconsin

Physical chemistry of polymers; Optical diffraction as a means of characterizing bulk versus surface diffusion rates in polymers upon heating above their glass transition temperature.

Awards and Honors

      1. Springer Thesis Award, Publication recognizing outstanding PhD research, Springer Nature, 2018
      2. Richard Chace Tolman Prize Post-doctoral Fellowship, California Institute of Technology, PMA Prize, 2016
      3. National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship, funded by the Department of Defense (DoD), administered by the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), 2013
      4. Honors in Research, College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin, 2011
      5. University Book Store Academic Excellence Award, University of Wisconsin, 2011
      6. Engine Research Center Undergraduate Research Fellowship, University of Wisconsin, 2010
      7. Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship, University of Wisconsin, 2010
      8. Crabtree Award, Dept. of Physics, University of Wisconsin, 2010
      9. Edward Panek Scholarship, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 2008