Jacob/Otte Refuge

Bobolink Hill trail
Bobolink Hill Trail (© Otte, 2011)

The Jacob/Otte Refuge consists of  almost 40 acres/16 hectares of land privately owned by Donna Jacob and Marinus Otte. About 22 acres are grassland, some of it relatively pristine  prairie, most of it former Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land. About another 12 acres consist of forest, and the remaining are wetlands. On the east side, the property borders on a Waterfowl Production Area. The land to the south is owned by our neighbors, who currently have all their land enrolled in the CRP. The remaining land to the west and north is partly cropland, partly wetlands.

The property is located near Hawley, MN, USA. If you would like to visit, please contact the owners: Donna Jacob or Marinus Otte.

Donna and Marinus would like their land to be preserved for the future as a refuge for nature, and thus, as both are intrinsically linked, for people. It will also provide a cross-roads for Science and the Arts. Their aims are:

  • To protect and improve the ecosystems on the property.
    So no hunting, fishing or trapping, unless approved by the owners. Management of the land does not mean every animal and plant on the property is protected. For example, it may be required to regularly burn the grass habitat, and less-desirable, non-native species, such as European Buckthorn, may be removed.
  • To make the property available for scientific research. Several projects are already ongoing.
  • To make the property available for education in collaboration with colleges and schools in the region
  • To educate the general public about nature, science, and art.

Over time, we will collect and post images and stories. See, for example our links to Plants, Animals, Landscapes, and the Human Environment. We have been fortunate to have people help us with achieving our goals. For example, members of the NDSU Wildlife Society have volunteered to remove European buckthorn and decades of trash left by previous owners.

American Bittersweet
American Bittersweet (© Jacob, 2011)

November Snow
November snow (© Otte, 2011)