Previous life

Before starting this journey in the cancer field I held a number of jobs - all of which have informed my current situation.

I taught high school Physics and coached wrestling at Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville, FL.  My former students are currently doctors, soldiers, writers, scientists and everything in between.

After that, during medical school, I taught at my alma mater, Hawken School, where I was given the opportunity to start a course for high school students where I taught them to critically read scientific articles and then placed them in labs around the city for research experiences.  This course culminates in the Robert Maciunas STEMM symposium each year.  This symposium is named for my friend and mentor, Robert Maciunas MD, a famous and influential neurosurgeon who passed away this spring.

If you are a former student and you have found this site - please leave a comment and tell me what you are up to and where.  Or - email me at or find me on facebook.