I am lucky to enjoy collaborations with a number of brilliant folks around the country doing amazing work.  They are:

Alexander Anderson - Professor and Co-director of Integrative Mathematical Oncology with Bob Gatenby at Moffitt Cancer Center.  Dr. Anderson is currently my research mentor and will soon by my PhD thesis advisor.  His work has motivated me to choose the path that I am on now and he continually advises and directs my efforts.  

David Basanta - an Assistant Professor at Moffitt Cancer Center who studies the evolutionary dynamics of cancer using a variety of mathematical methods, including but not limited to Cellular Automata and Evolutionary Game Theory.  David and I have recently published some work on glioma which can be found in Physical Biology (publications available on bibliography page) and a paper exploring the emergence of hormone resistance in prostate cancer.

Kristin Swanson - an Associate Professor at University of Washington who studies and models glioblastoma.  Dr. Swanson and her student Russ Rockne played an integral role in our Game Theoretical investigation of glioma and we continue the conversation and study to date.

Prakash Chinnaiyan - an Associate Professor at Moffitt Cancer Center who is a physician scientist.  Dr. Chinnaiyan practices radiation oncology and focuses his clinical practice on Central Nervous System tumors.  His laboratory focuses on a number of biological phenomena including radiosensitizing agents, glioma stem cells and the unfolded protein response.

Peter Kuhn at the Scripps Research Institute.  Dr. Kuhn studies the fluid phase of metastasis - specifically in enumerating and characterizing circulating tumor cells (CTCs).  We hope to use a network model of the human vascular system and time and space specific measurements to more deeply understand the fluid phase of metastasis.

Leonid Mirny in the department of physics at MIT and his graduate student Christopher McFarland from Harvard.  Together, we have a grant from the National Cancer Institute (from the newly formed Physical Science in Oncology Center) to study the role of passenger mutations in metastasis.

Fabio Iwamoto at the NIH.  Dr. Iwamoto is a world expert on the treatment of glioblastoma and is a practicing Neuro Oncologist.  Together, we have begun an international effort to understand prognostic factors in elderly patients with glioblastoma.