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  • Drake's Dream Season 1968-69 charts the Drake Bulldogs basketball team and their run to the Final Four and their matchup with UCLA--one of the most exciting basketball games ever played. Drake, (a small private school in Des Moines, Iowa) had a unique basketball coach in Maury John who against all odds helped build the program into a national contender eventually overtaking conference rival Louisville with the intense Drake man-to-man defense. Filmmaker Jacob Adams found a clean color copy of the Drake UCLA game and reconstituted the radio play by play with the pristine silent color footage to recreate the ballgame. Interspersed are interviews with the Drake players and coaches covering a range of topics including social class, racial harmony, and how ...
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  • THE IMPOSSIBLE ITSELF TThe legendary November 19th, 1957 production of Samuel Beckett's play WAITING FOR GODOT that was taken to the San Quentin Prison and performed before some 1400 inmates is given ...
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  • Article: Godot at San Quentin Prison 1957,3097/Jacob-Adams-The-Impossible-Itself
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  • Esslin's San Quentin 'Waiting For Godot' Description
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  • IMDB page for The Impossible Itself
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  • UNTITLED TEXAS FILM The fourth film is in the works. We're writing the film and trying to find funding for it. It's a conceptually diffiuclt piece about the complexity of the ...
    Posted Dec 24, 2010, 12:10 PM by
  • HANLET: Episode 4 & 1/2: Attack of the PHANTOM SPECIAL HANLET: Episode 4 & 1/2: Attack of the PHANTOM SPECIAL posted Oct 13, 2009 2:54 AM by   [ updated 22 minutes ago ] Jacob Adams' long awaited ...
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