Electric and Semi-Acoustic Upright Basses

designing the Dolphin bass in a pocket carnet,
on a boat trip surrounded by dolphins

 J.L. Rassinfosse in the 'TRAVERS' Jazzclub, Brussels.

Atelier Jacky Walraet / Ghent - Belgium  / jacky.walraet@skynet.be

Dolphin model
The sound board on this semi-acoustic model is 'floating'.
It is not touching the sides and thus free to move along it's whole length. The top is not glued and only kept in place by being clamped between the neck, the end-block and the bridge.
The clamping pressure caused by the string tension on the neck and end-block makes that the top wants to go up, while, at the same time, the bridge holds it down into it's equilibrium.

WalRassi Model (6 strings / headless)
The idea for a 'bodyless' design came mainly from the legendary Belgian double bass player J.L. Rassinfosse (that's were the name for this model came from; Walraet-Rassinfosse).
On the back side, the neck and end-block are linked with an adjustable rod. The hight of the strings in relation to the fingerboard, and so the playability, can be adjusted by slightly changing the length of that rod.
Home machined tuners are incorporated in the tailpiece.
The shoulders can be disassembled for easy transport.
I made this bass while studying @ the Cmb, early nineties.