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The Beetle #1
will be shown @ the Holy Grail Guitar Show, Berlin.
May 5 and 6, 2018



Archtop 17"

Mother of pearl inlay

Solid (but hollow) body guitar. Maple top, ovangkol body & neck / Peter Hertmans

Archtop 18" / Hendrik Breackman

Archtop 18" / Hendrik Breackman / Photo credit Jos L. Knaepen


Solid (but hollow) body guitar. Maple top, alder body  / Hendrik Breackman & B.J.O

 Archtop 17" / Paolo Loveri

 Archtop 17" / Paolo Radoni

 Archtop 17" / Paolo Radoni

Solid (but hollow) body. Maple top, ovangkol body & neck / John Abercrombie

 Archtop 17" / Paolo Radoni  //  tele not made by me,  Pierre Van Dormael

 Archtop 17"/ Tomas Baum (violin-like tailpiece)

 Archtop 17" / Paolo Loveri // Bart De Nolf on Bass

 Archtop 17" / Paolo Loveri

 Archtop 17" / Guy Raiff

Peter Hertmans (right) / Flat-top-carved-back guitar
with the Philip Catherine Guitar orchestra

Peter Hertmans (right) / solid (but hollow) body  guitar // With the Philip Catherine Guitar orchestra : Philip Catherine,  Victor Da Costa, Pierre Van Dormael

Solid (but hollow) body guitar. Maple top, ovangkol body & neck / Peter Hertmans

Solid (but hollow) body guitar. Maple top, ovangkol body & neck / Peter Hertmans

Flat-top-carved-back guitar (FTCB-model) / Peter Hertmans

Flat-top-carved-back guitar (FTCB-model) / Peter Hertmans

Solid (but hollow) body. Maple top, ovangkol body & neck / Peter Hertmans

Solid (but hollow) body. Ovangkol top, alder body / Peter Hertmans

Mother of pearl inlay

Mother of pearl inlay / back headstock

Flat-top-carved-back (FTCB-model, 16 inch)

Mother of pearl inlay

 Archtop 17" / with Paolo Radoni / the early days

Note: the guitar Oona Walraet is playing is not made by her father 

in my workshop

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About myself
i started building guitars in
 1988 while studying at the renowned
 “Centre for Musical Instrument Building" (Cmb) in Belgium
 .Having completed courses in guitar and violin making
 i began teaching instrument making courses at the Cmb in 1990.

i had the luck, honor and pleasure to work
 for several big names in the Belgian jazz scene and abroad
,like Peter Hertmans, Hendrik Braeckman, Paolo Radoni,
 Jean Louis Rassinfosse, Philip Catherine,
 Karl van Deun, Hans Van Oost, Guy Raiff,
Peter Verbreacken, Filip Verneert,
 Serge Lazarevitch (FR), ,John Abercrombie (US),

my Archtop Jazz Guitars are largely inspired
 by the work of Jimmy D'Aquisto and John Monteleone
 .Recently i started to work with concepts
 and designs of a more contemporary nature
.Various meetings with Ken Parker, Michihiro Matsuda, Fred Pons
, Thierry Andre, Nigel Forster (and lots of other luthiers) were very inspiring

The Electric Solid Body Guitars are based
 on the classic, ergonomic design of the Strat
 .However, the incorporation of internal resonance
 chambers gives them their own distinctively unique sound

The Acoustic Flat Top Guitars stand out particularly
 through their unusual use of a carved and arched back
 .This has the effect of projecting the sound more directly
 towards the sound hole and outside the guitar
.Combined with a specific designed bracing pattern this results
 in a clear and precisely articulated sound

Some new guitar designs/concepts are in the making
and will be shown in May 2018 @ the HGGS in BERLIN.             

As founding member and luthier/researcher in the LGR-Project
i gained a lot of experience regarding the possibilities
 of using alternative local woods in guitar making
.Along the way this expertise will be integrated
into the building practice
Non-tropical is topical !

my instruments can be heard
 on more than 40 CD recordings

Listen to some examples
on iTunes:

On Spotify:

Paolo Radoni trio

The albums "Dedication" and "Waiting
by the Peter Hertmans Quartet

Hein van de Geyn's
Baseline CD / #10 Matheny 


On other sources

Acoustic jazz guitar together with
 José Toral Rodriguez, flamenco guitar
Cmb CD "op de klank af" / Black Orpheus

backpacker guitar, electric guitar
 and electric double bass on the Cmb CD
 "bouwers op eigen werk" / Hands 

On YouTube

Hendrik Braeckman / Jazz Guitar
 with Melike

Hendrik Braeckman / Electric Guitar 
 with Melike