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Atelier Jacky Walraet, luthier
-  s i n c e  1 9 8 9   -
Ghent - Belgium

Cont@ct: jacky.walraet@skynet.be
BTW / TVA / VAT:  BE-0642.369.929 .
Bank IBAN : BE08 0010 3781 4013 // BIC: GEBA BE BB

• Guitar construction / Gitaarbouw
   Archtop jazzguitars & all others   learn more

• Double bass works / Contrabaswerken
   Set up, repairs, D & C extensions  learn more

🌀 The workshop is closed during school holidays 🌀  link to holidays
      L'atelier est fermé pendant les vacances scolaires      
      Het atelier is gesloten tijdens schoolvakanties

A L S O :

Founding member & researcher @ Leonardo Guitar Research Project 

 EGB member
   go to website 'European Guitar Builders association"

Former instrument building teacher for 26 years and still member of
   the  Centre for Musical instrument Building, Belgium 

International contacts with both, lutherie schools and lutherie organizations
   for MusicFund > jacky.walraet@musicfund.eu


Events / coming up
   Lectures about the LGR-Project @:
  -  ROMA EXPO GUITARS March 18/19th 2017, Rome, Italy
  -  Itemm (Institut technologique européen des métiers de la musique) 24.04.17 Le Mans, INFO
  -  LGRP-Event @ the Cordefactum Guitar Festival, April 14-16/04/'17 Lier. 

Events / past
  -   Berlin, HGGS    go to HGGS website
  -   Le Mans, APLG symposium ➤  go to APLG website
  -   Lezing over afstellen van de contrabas 
      Lecture about setting up the double bass    Inhoud lezing
   -  Lecture about guitar set up    see link on the Cordefactum site 

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