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i don't use this site anymore,please check our new page for new songs,videos,vst and

6th july 2009

bubllsy (along with lithium's 'blaster and de la mancha's 'sumo' and 'VL-1') was featured in the may issue of DTM (a japanese music magazine),here's a cool video they sent us....Original Video

.....though it's in japanese,it is still fun and makes sense! :)

16th nov 2008

some new paintings on the acrylics page.

also i have a new gallery space

3rd may 2008

my first synth (made in synthedit) 

(a free vst plugin,windows only.)


also,a couple of years ago,me and spacedad helped design this brilliant midi step sequencer with the amazing niall moody (who did all the clever stuff).it's a vst plugin for windows or os x.and it's open source.

6th march 2008

i've got a new gallery starting over here....

(i think that will be the best place to keep all my paintings eventually) 

please stop by and drop a message,hope you like it.

19th december

happy xmas!

there's a new xmas painting on the acrylics page.......

29th november

 KiTR came 21st in the competition!

thanks to everyone who voted for me!

here's the latest version......

(this version includes a standalone version for kids and grownups who don't know how to use plugins!

just unzip and click on the kitr icon(kitr.exe)

happy twanging!

13th october KiTR 1.2 released,fixed cpu problem and added a whammy bar.

get it from here

september 2007 KiTR vsti (virtual instrument for windows)

made by spacedad,modelled on my rubber band guitar i made in reception class .we've entered it into the kvr developer challenge competition

(41 free bits of music software,available now for testing till 17th sept,then the voting begins.PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!)

(you'll need a vst host to use  it, here's a great little free one;

august 2007 new painting 'SINTH EDIT'  dontated as a prize for the kvr developer challenge

june 2007 acrylics page

dec 2006  the prize xmas single