Acknowledgements wishes to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to this site:

 Jack Stout
Father of the Public Utility Model EMS System, Father of High Performance EMS and Father of System Status Management
 Todd Stout
For inspiring us to develop this site in order to acknowledge his father's contributions to the Emergency Medical Services Industry in addition to providing a variety of content to this site. 
 Jonathan Washko
For helping develop this idea and concept into a reality, helping administrate and build this website and providing a variety of content to this site.
 Patrick Smith
The current president of CAEMS who is helping to support and promote this site in addition to helping inspire its development.
 David Williams
As part of his Master's degree, David was instrumental in helping to pull together many of the articles found in this site's knowledge base (JEMS articles)

We would like to thank the following contributors whom have taken the time to share their content or have volunteered time to help improve this website and share it with the world!

  • Randy Strozyk - Thanks to Randy who contributed a copy of his 4th Party SSM book