Perky Purple Peacocks

Red Hat Chapter Members 









Carol Daly, Founding Queen, Retired

aka "Queenie"


Our General Membership

Marvelous Margaret   

aka Madame Why Not?

(our oldest and most revered member . . .  we should all aspire to enjoy life as Margaret does!)

Saucy Sarah 

aka  Empress Eco for her love of the environment

Darlin' Diane

 aka The Pinky Princess

-- she's the life of our party!

So-Sweet Susan

aka Empress of the Auction 

She could sell ice cubes to Eskimos! 


 Ms Vickie

aka LadyVictoria of  New Bern 


 More member photos in our

Perky Purple Peacocks

Photo Album Volume II


History of the Perky


 Purple Peacocks


The Perky Purple Peacocks chapter first met in December, 2003 by Founding Queen, Carol Daly and a few friends: Janice Roamer, Rita Chiavacci, Valerie Rambach, Laurie Phoebus, Dauna Gable and Sara Epperson.

In 2006, with many more members, the Perky Purple Peacocks created an Activities Committee to plan special events . . . we call them The Calendar Girls, and they became the planners of some fantastic events to entertain not only our  chapter, but Red Hatters all over the area.   They quickly became the heart and soul of our chapter.  

In mid-2008, as Carol Daly prepared to move away,  Mary Wheat, The Calendar Girls' Chairwoman agreed to become the new Reigning Queen of The Perky Purple Peacocks.   We also chose to make all of our Calendar Girls "Queens" . . . so we have 6 Queens in this chapter . . . . because without them, the Queendom would just not be the same.  They are named appropriately and loved by all.

And here are the Perky Purple Peacocks . . . long may they party!


The Calendar Girls . . . our SIX Queens . . . every one a Queen in every way!



 The Reigning Queen, Mary -- Queen of the Road

Mary loves to travel . . . and any excuse for a trip to a Myrtle Beach is a good excuse!


   Queen Janice -- Queen Oh-Sew-Nice

She makes our chapter vests . . .  she'll make you a beautiful cape . . . she's thoughtful and helpful, and she does it all with a smile!


 Queen Joanne -- The Dear Queen

Joanne can make just about anything, and is always first in line to volunteer!  She's clever, crafty, hard-working, and a "Dear" friend to  all of us!


  Queen Carol -- Queen of Bows

This dear lady will decorate anything that sits still, and is largely responsible (with a little help from her friends!) for the beautiful decorations and clever themes you see at our PPP events.


 Queen Janice -- Queen Lee-A-Zon

Our chapter Treasurer, and also the Region 7 Coordinator for NC Red Hats, which makes her our liaison throughout the state.  This Queen is one busy lady!


  Queen Mae -- Queen of the Mae 

Mae does LOVE a good party, and is always front and center to help with set up and decorations or registration, or whatever we need! A cherished friend who drives a really long way to be with us every month!