The Perky Purple Peacocks  Chapter of the Red Hat Society,  Jacksonville, NC

welcomes you to our little corner of the world!


An official chapter of  

The Red Hat Society

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  To quote the movie, Calendar

 Girls,  we sum up a woman's life by

 saying simply,

 "The last phase

is  the most glorious!"  


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Many thanks to Lillian Wells of Vintage Crones for the use of her delightful Red Hatter graphics sprinkled throughout this site!


"We've come together today to form a new sisterhood . . . to share in celebrating the girls we were . . . the efficient, creative, organized, talented, skilled women we've become, and the carefree, anything - goes women of the world that we want to become . . . free to live, laugh, and not take ourselves too seriously . . . free to embarrass our friends and families at the drop of our red hats (hopefully always with consideration for others -- with no whistling at the boys or cat calls from the audience to get us thrown out -- we consider ourselves "somewhat" dignified Red Hatters after all!).

It's all about "fun and frolic after 50". . . and that being said,


Let there be chocolate and laughter

for all the days of our lives!" 

-- PPP Chapter Founding Queen Mother, Carol Daly, December 2003 as the Perky Purple Peacocks Chapter of the Red Hat Society was born 



                   Polly, the Perky Purple Peacock

. . . our beloved mascot