Welcome to the Jackson County of North Carolina Photo Club located in Sylva.  We are newly formed with an initial meeting on August 24th, 2013 at the Jackson County Public Library.  Twelve like minded interested photographers determined that there were enough interest present to start a photography club in this area.  Our initial web presence is at SylvaPhotoClub.wordpress.com.
Photo Assignment Suggestions for our January 11, 2014 meeting: 

Take photos with an Architectural Theme. Photos must be taken since Oct. 12, 2013. Bring them to the meeting on a jump drive. Each person can submit 3 to share and discuss. 

Best Available Light Holiday Photo.  Members can bring their three best efforts to our January 11, 2014 meeting to share and discuss.  I would suggest two different themes, with people and without people.  (Pets are considered "people" according to some pet owners.)

Our next club meeting will be on January 11, 2014 at 2 pm-4 pm.  The location for this meeting is at the  Open Door for Spiritual Living located at 318 Skyland Drive, Suite 1-A, in Coggins Office Park., Sylva. 
The program for our January meeting will be:
1) In the first 20 minutes to go over club structuring and club business.
2) The next hour of the meeting will be devoted to Architecture Photography.   Members are encouraged to bring in their photos of buildings, doors, windows, stairways or anything that has to do with a Architecture Theme for discussion and appreciation by all members.  Photos must be taken since Oct. 12, 2013 to encourage active photographing by our members (submit on prints, memory cards or USB drives). 

3) Finally, we will show & discuss our member's Holiday Available Light Photos from this Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year holidays.  (submit on prints, memory cards or USB drives). 
 I invite others to help main and post to this web presence.   Just send me an email and I will add you to the permissions list.
For future meeting locations, if any members knows of a more desirable location, please let us know.  This current location does have a projector, a restroom and seating for ~30 or more but does not have WiFi which was a suggested requirement for our meetings. 

318 Skyland Dr, Sylva, NC